Wealth Direct: A Rising star in the Wealth Management Space

CIO Vendor The Indian financial Service industry at present times is considered to be as one of the most flourishing segments of the country’s economy. As the industry is today at the cusp of a major transformation driven by cutting edge technology and innovative strategies, the present day investors expects greater demand followed by greater level of transparency. The industry today has diversified itself by adopting higher standards of transparency with inclusion of robust technology and customised Wealth Management Solutions. Also noticing the boom in the online market and the increased number of investors aiming to invest their savings, a Noida based wealth management firm Wealth Direct Emphasis is to provide tailor-made personalized services combine with Trust, Reliabilty & Integrity which includes clear and concise offerings to assist investor in better understanding of current situation and the recommendations made through use of various strategic tools to actively monitor the progress backed with research for executing a comprehensive range of investment strategies. They help the investors Identify their Financial Goals avoid costly Financial Mistakes, Effectively Manage Risk ,Develop Strategic investment Plan For Creating,Preserving and Managing their wealth.

Platform Blended with Technology & Human Touch

The journey of Wealth Direct began in 2011 by Shekhar and Vipin Bhutani who decided to leverage their years of rich experience in the wealth management domain and give a financial bliss to the families by managing their finances.

WealthDirect was Started with a objective of enabling wealth creation for our clients through Prudent financial planning & Wealth Management Services. The use of technology is the cornerstone in ensuring that they can reach across demographics and geographies, providing a Prudent, process driven, goal oriented, financial planning led wealth creation platform.

“Wealth Direct Continously strive to Innovate new ideas, maintain highest degree of standards,Ethics & Systems to help more and more Investor Reach Important Milestones of their life and create Wealth”

Identifying that India is a country with a large saving population where savings are hardly converted into investment, Shekhar speaks, “Though the saving potential is very high among the people but there has always been a gap in the saving and investment factor Due to Poor Financial Literacy in India. So in order to help the people to achieve in whatever they aspire, we came up with this firm to Educate Investors to give them a more Informed & proper Goal based solution planning.” Prioritizing the requirements of the investors in managing their risk profile, the company does a thorough understanding of the past investment of the clients and synchronize the portfolio by eliminating the poor investments to build up a good portfolio for them.

Set up as a platform imbibed with high technological applications like 3D Personal Financial Analysis,Portfolio X-ray System,FinaMetric Risk Profiling System, he narrates, “With implementation of the advanced technologies like Goal GPS, FinaMetric Profiling system we try to capture the details of the investors and do the work accordingly to their requirements along with gradually improvising our Application.”

Driven by the motto to increase the financial literacy by making them understand between good and a better financial product, the company also assures its investors to get a real time update by tracking & transacting through a single unified login. Additionally, it also offers insurance Management, IPO, bond, tax planning and other services covering the entire spectrum.

WealthDirect The Journey So Far

Established as a wealth management Startup in 2011 Emphasizing Goal Based investing is the foremost weapon to prosper, the company today manages 3500 client led by a 17 member team with a goal value of Rs 4,00,00,00,000. Recognized by Hindustan Times and various magazines for their outstanding performance and CSR activities WealthDirect aims to reach the broad spectrum with its unique platform. “Currently, we are focussed on the digitalised Financial Planning to grow our business across the boundaries” concludes Vipin.