Excellence has a New Name RAAH FINANCIALS Revolutionizing the 142 year Old Stock Market

CIO Vendor Money makes the world go round but we know that it means much more to a business. Nothing less than a lifeline, finance can make or break a business within a few minutes. If not managed well, finances tend to go out of hand and make situations worse for a business and all its related entities. The ability to manage the finances of the clients and help keep them safe is the unique quality with which a company moves ahead of its competitors. Through years of existence in the industry, companies make conscious efforts to establish them in providing best financial solutions. Bangalore based RAAH FINANCIALS aptly fits in this picture and is one of those companies which focuses on providing relationship based advisory and wealth planning services to care for and support the clients with an emphasis on accessibility, trust and integrity. RAAH has always been driven to chart their unique history with their unique offerings. Their forward-looking approach has led to the creation of widely unique client opportunities and a record of steady and a consistent growth. With RAAH’s vision, expertise and insight, supported by a team of people with over a decade of expertise in the financial realm, the company seeks to bring in a revolution in the way people go about their investment and financial health.

The Inception Story

RAAH FINANCIALS’ inception story dates back to a time when four visionary entrepreneurs Rahul Bansal, Ravikanth Jetty, Harshit Jain and Alok Agrawal had started their career trajectory in the financial industry that they were highly passionate about. As the years went by, their experience in the financial industry deepened and it nearly became an obvious choice for them to launch their own company in that industry. They followed their passion and came up with the idea of starting their own wealth management company, as financial sector was something that the four had expertise in, backed up with their contacts and networks in that space.

Rahul Bansal had the business idea for RAAH for a long time before he dedicated himself to it full-time. There was a significant moment that helped him make the leap and that was largely responsible when Ravikanth Jetty, Harshit Jain and Alok Agrawal decided to join RAAH as Directors. “With the extra hands, we were able to focus on planning the business at a much faster rate and as time went by we got the best associates in the form of Mr. Nilesh and Mr. Vikram Kumar J. We wanted to create a customer centric company where we would work closely with our clients and perform exceptional work for them. First came the name, then came the paperwork and RAAH was born in December 2013 on the belief that there is a higher quality of service that customers deserve in the financial industry. ” recalls Alok.

Going beyond the stereotype, RAAH has built time-tested investment principles for several clients that are implemented and backed with the highest degree of integrity. Nevertheless, the path was not rosy at the start. “The entire process of starting up is indeed much more challenging than it looks from the outside. Like most entrepreneurs, the initial struggle was to go past the point of imagination and make it a point of conception, where we had to actually put everything together. Everyone has an idea, but it’s taking those first steps toward turning that idea into a reality, that are always the toughest. Working on your passion is what everyone should do as this passion of ours has garnered a Year on Year profit of 435% for the year 2016-2017 muses Alok.

Apt planning and hard work clubbed collectively has helped RAAH to reach greater heights of success in no time. “We have successfully dealt with problems such as getting clients initially who could put their trust and money with us, getting talented and motivated team on board, and have continued to grow and expand. Within a year or so, we had fought our way to secure enough capital to remain afloat. It’s just a matter of not letting these challenges keep you down and finding solutions no matter what,” he says.

Crafted to suit a variety of investment styles, RAAH serves customers ranging from SME’s to Institutions with a variety of products to choose

Revolutionizing Investment and Financial Health

Raah has some unique offerings like Wealth Management and Asset Pays Money (APM in short). Our premier service offering Wealth management has the best returns in the industry as well as focusing on investment stability. Whereas APM is a unique equity based growth product that aims to add value to your already existing holding in the stock market. Since inception, RAAH has focused the entire company operations around speed, service and perfection. The company has been authentic in helping their customers, current and prospective, and vendors/partners believe in and trust the brand they are building.“While all businesses bear the burden of building trust and creating a positive experience for their clients; financial consultants often comes across the difficulty of building trust can be magnified by client’s previous experiences. We wanted to address such client issues that revolve around mutual trust, transparency, response time customer service and client expectations.”

Crafted to suit a variety of investment styles, RAAH serves customers ranging from SME’s to Institutions with a variety of products to choose. From Stock Broking and Insurance to Wealth Management, RAAH has dedicated financial services team serving all major areas of the financial services industry. The company offers services in Stock Broking (Equity, Commodity and Currency), Insurance, PMS, Realty to name a few and tailor these offerings according to the needs of their clients to help them pursue investment opportunities.

Ensuring Successful Relationship with Investors

Committed to constantly fine tune the products and services to ensure a successful relationship with investors, RAAH confers utmost understanding and importance to the clients. Undoubtedly, much of RAAH’s success stems from a philosophy that consumers deserve the best. Throwing light on this, Alok speaks, “We understand that our clients are the most important part of our firm and that personalized service is essential when matching clients with the right financial products and services. Since client satisfaction is one of our priorities, we go to great lengths to implement practices that guarantee an efficient, fluid and friendly relationship, promoting a culture of excellent service to our clients. Further, a satisfied client is likely to make favorable recommendations to other prospective clients as we strongly believe that quality service gets quality clients. Our company has done well to carve this niche in the face of fierce competition.”

The Right Direction to reach the Financial Pinnacle

RAAH expands the possibilities of investment strategies for clients to fully realize their investment potential. In doing so, they have doubled for every year and have acquired 40 employees, 430 active customers and two established branches in the country. “Towards the beginning, we had laid our financial objectives and estimated that it would take a couple of years before we achieve them. But our estimate was too cautious. Our targets were to win business and expand our customer base. In past few years, we made a sharp improvement in earnings, strengthened our financial position and expanded our customer base, making us achieve and surpass our every financial objective. With our strong customer focus, extensive knowledge of the industry skilled and dedicated employees, we are a leading financial consultant in Bangalore today,” explicates Alok enthusiastically.

Being in a good financial position, with a strong cash flow, RAAH has a Year on Year profitability of 435% and has expanded their operations and branched out in major cities of India. “Business expansion to other cities will give us the advantage of exposing our business to a wider audience. This increased pool of potential customers can dramatically improve sales, resulting in increased profitability. With increased market share and a solid financial position, we predict a promising outlook in the coming years too and foresee little to no problem in our IPO release,” he says.

With the new branches coming in, RAAH FINANCIALS would surely get an opportunity to staff more talented people. Since people are recognized as the most important asset in their company, acquiring energetic and motivated personnel will be a clear-cut advantage for team RAAH.