Wealthcare Securities Pvt. Ltd.: A Professional Platform for Private Wealth Management Services

CIO Vendor The Indian financial services industry has undergone the toughest of times and yet it stands as one of the strongest and robust among the world economies. Experiencing a deep impact of the highs and lows, the new face of this industry has evolved itself to a more transparent and flexible system. Over the last few years, the financial market scenario has witnessed a significant broadening and deepening of services with the introduction of several new instruments & products in banking and capital markets space. The sector today has opened up to the new private players who can embrace their best practices blended with advanced technology for offering a polished range of services to its corporate, retail and institutional clients. Noticing this tremendous competition many new and existing players has emerged up in this financial space to lend their expertise through excellent solutions.

One such emerging player in this financial advisory space is Wealthcare Securities Pvt. Ltd. The company is the brainchild of Mukesh Gupta, Chartered accountant & Certified Financial Planner ,a veteran in the field of financial planning and Investment advisory space with a rich experience garnered over the years from large wealth advisory firms and banking sectors in the country. Established in 2003 at the time of economic boom, Gupta speaks, “I started my professional career as a wealth management advisor to the clients of the companies where I worked for. At the time of financial boom, I decided to give a miss to my corporate comfortable career and start my own advisory firm that can act as a Chief Financial Planning outsourced platform.” With a team of experienced professionals catering to the wealth management requirements of companies, SME’s and other firms with a special focus on the High Net Worth Individuals (HNI), Wealthcare Securities aims to be a highly professionalised platform for private wealth management services.
Assuring a high degree of Trust, Personalized Service & Confidentiality, the company offers its services related to financial and wealth management planning starting right from creating a financial plan or a model portfolio to its execution and monitoring.

“Wealthcare Securities constantly strives to be an exemplary ‘Financial Advisor’ in providing the best advice based on the understanding of cash flows, financial objectives, financial risk acceptance level and others.”

Additionally, it also recommends its clients with the product that fits and is suitable to them. The product includes Mutual Funds, Investment Trust, Fixed Deposit, Tax free-bond and others differing from clients to clients and also help them in reviewing their portfolio on monthly or quarterly basis. “Set up as a ‘Customer Oriented Approach’ firm, we try to educate our clients with all the products and services, tax implementation intricacies and other factors that emerge in the day-to-day growing business,” he mentions.

One Platform – Numerous Solutions

Headquartered in Delhi, Wealthcare Securities constantly strives to be an exemplary ‘Financial Advisor’ in providing the best advice based on the understanding of cash flows, financial objectives, financial risk acceptance level and others. Being a one stop provider for all financial needs, the company renders its personalised services that add value to the client’s investments. Blending technology with human touch, it strives to be an outsourced platform that is relationship oriented rather than price oriented business.

Started with a zero base, the company today has grown to 24 to 25 percent per annum since inception. Believing that technology has increased their per capita base, Mukesh enthusiastically, “We are trying to make our strong base through implementation of digital marketing so that we can cater to more number of clients spread all over. We expect to double our growth in the coming three to four years with inclusion of more staff numbers, research persons and involvement of latest technology.”