Balaaji Realtors: Luxury Real Estate Advisory at a Premium

CIO Vendor Real estate sector has ridden the wave of India’s economic transformation in the 21st century to grow to its current stature. Yet at the other hand, it has made a three pronged contribution in strengthening India’s economic progress. Firstly by raising its direct contribution to a significant 4-5 percent of country’s GDP, then by helping the financial sector grow its revenues and earnings from home loan products, and finally by adding to the overall wealth creation at the level of its citizens. Besides these, it has also helped in creating millions of direct and indirect jobs in the country.

Now, the real estate sector in India is at a crucial juncture of its evolution.While it traditionally been dominated by a number of small regional players with relatively low levels of expertise and/or financial resources. The sector has not benefited from institutional capital; instead, it has tapped high net-worth individuals and other informal sources of financing, which has led to low levels of transparency. This scenario underwent a change with in line with the sector’s growth, and as of today, the real estate industry’s dynamics reflect consumers’ expectations of higher quality with India’s increasing integration with the global economy. At present, the real estate sector which is playing vital role in the overall development of India’s core infrastructure is shadowed by a herd of unorganized and marginal players but there has been a consistent rise in share of organized players with number of listed companies growing over the recent years. And one of these companies trying to make a mark in the Real Estate market is Balaaji Realtors, who have a clear vision to succeed in the high potential and volatile industry.

Setting foot

‘Everything begins with an Idea’ - Earl Nightingale, as true as this quote is, the inspiration for establishing Sreenathji Global Ventures Pvt Ltd aka Balaaji Realtors wasn’t an Eureka moment for Vikaash Agarwaal, Chairman and Managing Director of the firm. Vikaash Agaarwal has spent majority of his professional career in DB Reality, one of the top Real Estate companies in the country where he learnt the tricks of the trade as the Sales Head of the firm and also the found some cracks in the system which he wanted to address with his own company. “I had been working in DB Realty from the mid of 2000 to 2013 served DB Realty as Sales Head. After working for more than a decade in a Real Estate company, I saw there was N number of market requirements that the industry did not cater to. So I decided to set up Balaaji Realtors, my own company to understand and fulfill the desires and requirements of the client.” A company built upon the foundations of fixing the issues plaguing the industry, now stands among the most progressive and forward thinking firms with their vast knowledge base and the rigid customer-centric approach carried by the company.

It is notable that in an era where every second company tends to open up their services to as large an audience as they possibly can, Balaaji Realtors is a boutique firm that caters to a niche list of client at the high-end of the economic strata. Balaaji Realtors in a short period of time have established themselves as the go-to player in the luxury residential and commercial property department. Another feature of Balaaji Realtors is the way that they go about their business, keeping the client’s interests always at heart. Vikaash elucidates, “Before giving any advice to any of the customer, first we focus on the safety of the client capital without compromising on the return of the investment and our main primary focus is to keep them in the best ROI (Return on Investment). Second we provide complete transparency; we only deal with builders who have a very good reputation in the market, who have completed a decent number of projects at that particular point of time. So clients are our complete concern. As they show their total faith on us, we believe in reciprocating it with the same quality of service to them.”
Depth of service

Being a four-year-old company, Balaaji Realtors has plenty of services to offer to their esteemed clients and these include end-to-end offerings taking the long-term view to Real estate and invest in strategic relationships. An innovative company from the start provides high quality services at premium prices; the firm aids its clients in navigating the murky and complex realty landscape and simplifies the search across premium, residential and commercial properties. Along with that, Balaaji Realtors specializes in leasing to corporate and expatriate. The organization facilitates better pricing structures; provide detailed analysis and accurate advice on resale deals as compared to the phony ones offered by the traditional wealth management brokerage firms.

Balaaji Realtors has always taken the right steps in the right direction and that has landed them in the upper echelons of high-end Real estate advisors

This Mumbai-based firm’s rise to the top is not just because of the services alone. Behind the glitz and glamor of the buildings that they are known for, there in lies a strong base of dedicated, dynamic team of experienced professional, surveyors and supporting staff. A good rapport with the leading developers, investors and real estate brokers who closely monitor the market are also a bonus. An undying belief that ‘Excellent service and a reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability are just as important as helping people find the homes of their dreams’ has aided them in summoning a client base which is spread across the globe including High Net Worth Individuals and Corporate, effectively substantiating their commitment to the industry, not to mention the personal attention and excellent returns on investment.

Moving Forward

Balaaji Realtors has come a long way since the inception of the company with their equity at quarter a million, a huge leap from the one lac they had started out with. An employee base of 25 people from a mere 2, Balaaji Realtors has always taken the right steps in the right direction and that has landed them in the upper echelons of high-end Real estate advisors. Their clients include, Bombay Realty, India Bulls, Oberoi Realty, Raheja Universal, Lodha, Kalpataru , Peninsula Land , Piramal Realty ,The Wadha Group and the projects which are in their portfolio are PiramalAranya, Rustomjee Seasons, Oberoi Garden City, Salsette 27, Raheja Imperia, RahejaVivarea , Obeori 360 West View , Omkar 1973, etc.

With no intention to slow down, Balaaji Realtors looks forward to starting their IPO. They also plan to start their own residential project with construction due to begin soon and talks undergoing with noted builders. Additionally, Balaaji Realtors hopes to raise finance for the builder from NDFC, PSUs and other private equities. Vikaash Agarwaal in conclusion said, “I want to make Balaaji Realtors a leading power consultancy house which deals with corporate, with all the leading developers of Mumbai and start our IPO. We want to open offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York and serve the client regarding projects, agreements, finances and legal assistances.”

However, the Real Estate sector in India is at a promising stage, being the second largest employer after agriculture and there is an expected growth rate of 30 percent over the next decade. With the arrival of FDI, organized players spreading their wings to Tier l & Tier II cities and rise of commercial, retail and residential segments; there is huge potential and scope for Real Estate companies to make hay while the sun is shines. And Balaaji Realtors is duly placed to take stock of the market and establish itself as the undisputed king of the Real estate industry. Looking at the rate at which, Balaaji Realtors are flying it will surely do so.