Agarwal Estates: A One Stop, all Solutions - Real Estate Services

CIO Vendor After a decade of working in IT companies in USA, Manoj Agarwal returned to India. He started looking for a property for himself, and that turned out to be really bad experience. He observed that the process of buying property is very cumbersome and not at all seamless. He had to run from pillar-to-pillar for home loans, lack of processes and knowledge, and reach out to myriad firms for interior. He well perceived the gap between the real estate players and the customers, and the thought of bridging it with trusted real estate services. This paved the way for Agarwal Estates. His vision was to bring about a paradigm shift in the industry, and build a transparent platform for the property buyers and sellers to do business, and provide one stop solutions for the customers.

Keeping up with its objectives, Agarwal Estates offer one stop, all solutions - real estate services, by utilizing their promoter’s extensive experience in process implementation, service delivery and standard methodologies. Highlighting its objectives, Manoj Agarwal, Managing Director, Agarwal Estates, mentions, “Transparency is our core value. Transparency is our offering and strength. We also ensure that there are no hidden facts or costs or any last minute surprises.”

The road to success for Agarwal Estates was patchy initially. Purva Goyal explaining further says, “Our aim was to start off slow and to redefine trust and so we took baby steps to reach to the peak.”Over the years, Agarwal Estates has delivered quality services in the areas of real estate investment, property and tenant management, home loans, home interiors, amongst others.
We are committed in every step till the customer moves in (including Home Loan, Interior, Documentation, and follow-up). We have fool-proofed our processes in such a way that All we need is your autograph,” adds Dr Sushil Agarwal.

“We are here to change the perception about the real estate services, and ‘All we need is your autograph’.”

A Journey to Remember

An unique differentiator for Agarwal Estates, is the organization’s focus on empowering the customers. EshaKarda points out, “We staunchly believe in the concept of KEY, which denotes ‘Knowledge Empowers You’”. Agarwal Estates endeavour to make this a DNA of the company, and hence provides their customers with all the relevant information to assists them in choosing properties, saving time and money. “The annoying experiences related to real estates services are not new in the Indian market. We have strived to redefine the trust by establishing true, honest and dignified relationship with every client,” Chaitanya mentions enthusiastically. The organization believes that this transparency have enabled it to build a trust with customers which in turn had led to its rapid growth within a short span of time. “We are here to change the perception about real estate services and build the trust. Our reputation grew by the word of mouth. Our Facebook review rating, provide by more than 100 customers, has been a constant 4.8+ which is unheard in the industry,” adds Vasantha.

Agarwal Estates has partnered with big names in the industry, some of which includes, Prestige, Puravankara, Alchemy, Asian Paints, Citibank, &Hafele , amongst others. Prema Agarwal points out,“We will keep on working to change the perception of real estates services, and empowering our customer to make the informed decision by educating thru KEY (Knowledge Empowers You) initiative. We take care of all our customers’ needs,All we need is your autograph!”