WhiteCollarLegal: One Stop Legal Business Set up

CIO Vendor The Indian technology start-ups landscape has seen a tremendous growth towards creation of innovative startups and evolved to become the third largest base of technology start-ups in the world. There are huge start-ups that are coming up at a rapid pace along with many foreign investments. This rise elevates the demand for consultants in the corporate legal services industry who provide services from business plan preparation, to getting their intellectual property protected, to securing funding for them etc. In order to offer customer-specific solutions with product-business capabilities, a corporate consultant has to construct and nurture dual organizational identities — different ideas of both who they are and what we do.

Established in November 2014 by Kunal R. Sarpal and Ankita Chopra, WhiteCollarLegal is one such company that provides unique bouquet of services, tailor-made for the unique requirements of a startup or an entrepreneur by catering to accounting, drafting, secretarial and legal compliance services. They follow an empathetic approach and engrain themselves into the client’s system in a way that makes them feel like they are catering only to them.

WhiteCollarLegal, which was started by two partners in 400 sq. feet office, has come a long way. Initially they served 30 clients; however, at present they have helped flourish over 500+ businesses. Their diversified team has extensive legal and corporate knowledge that enables them to cater to the stated and unstated needs of our clients “We do not aspire to be the best in India, but the best for our clients,” opines Kunal.

Conquering the Challenges

Primarily consultants are encountered by challenges pertaining to balancing business, understanding, becoming familiar with, and using the newest technology and equipments. Elaborating on the market challenges, Mr. Kunal, Co-founder & Director, WhiteCollarLegal says “Challenges to start a business in India, to thrive and to maintain the momentum is a herculean task, we ensure that the business persons focus on their core business and leave the nitty gritties of law and compliances to us.”

To help clients address business challenges and maximize profits, WhiteCollarLegal measures and tracks its performance regularly and ensure they get feedback.
Both success and failure stories are shared with the same enthusiasm. Some of the services provided by them include Business Set Up and Expansion Services like Company Registration, LLP Registration, Partnership Registration;Tax Registration services like Service tax registration, VAT Registration; Licenses and Liaisoning Procurement, Intellectual Property Registrations, Secretarial, Legal and Tax, Drafting, Compliance and Consultancy with advantages like business continuity, legal status and recognition, corporate consulting, quick processing, online process and more

Headquartered in Pune, WhiteCollarLegal believes in ‘Quality over Quantity’ and serves a niche group of clients.

Headquartered in Pune, WhiteCollarLegal believes in ‘Quality over Quantity’ and serves a niche group of clients. Some of their clients include Natural Ice Creams, PayTM, Sanjay Kakade Group, More Mischief Group, Gangour Foods, Aegis Group and many others. In the words of Mr Kunal, “Before taking on any engagement, we are sure to study the client’s background, an interview session and a session with the key folks driving the business / organization. We have a 10 point questionnaire in place, which gives us a good idea of what the client is, where he wants to be and how we will ensure he gets there.”

Future Endeavours

In the fast-paced world, being quick and prompt is of paramount importance. Keeping this in mind, WhiteCollarLegal takes pride in responding quickly and fast despite challenges. Additionally, the company also gives ‘peer study’ reports to their clients. A peer study report is another way to empathize with the client as it helps them to fabricate metrics before actually implying them. “In essence, we become part of the clients team and like an insider, we look to it that their growth is our growth. This sets us apart as in most professionals’ spring in during compliance time or when the due dates are around,” asserts Kunal.

Turbulent times foster tremendous change, and this is precisely the reality that management consulting firms are facing. To adapt to rising marketplace pressures, to get and stay ahead, they will have to adopt a variety of marketing techniques. WhiteCollarLegal incorporates the newest methodologies and envisions being the first and last stop for all budding entrepreneurs in India and all those who wish to do business in India. They also wish to become the highest tax paying consultancy in India. “For the team, we want each of our partners to be a thought leader and the last word in his chosen field of work. Our only strategy has been, add more value than you are asked for and deliver faster than you are allowed to,” concludes Kunal.