Atiitya Training & HR Consultants: Create a truly Empowered Workforce

CIO Vendor Many of the organizations are oriented towards people development and have a belief that it is necessary to invest in people if the business has to grow. This has lead organizations, big and small, across industries, investing in people development. They are willing to allow consulting firms to disrupt the traditional ways of learning and introduce innovative, long impacting and sustainable methodologies to learn. Mumbai based Atiitya Training & HR Consultants is one such consulting organization that is built on the foundation of bringing out the best in people - to enhance their performance and to realize their potential.

Atiitya provides complete end to end Human Resources Development solutions. With the capability to partner with organizations on its complete people management initiatives, the company attempts to help its clients build a robust, sustainable model for Employee Management & Development. Atiitya endeavors to constantly improvise, innovate and integrate various learning opportunities by aligning their programs to suit client's business requirements. The company has the capability to create and deliver learning solutions based on the needs of their clients.

“Our learning solutions are all about the client organization - we can work with you to identify individual and company-wide training needs to deliver training courses that would meet the specific business needs of your company and we bring our expertise by starting the intervention with your senior leadership teams,” says Suman R Nair, MD, Atiitya Training & HR Consultant.

Proven Leadership Development Methods

The Leadership Interventions Atiitya offers provide their clients with a possibility to drive leadership development from a futuristic point of view. All of their Leadership Interventions are based on the organization/business requirement. The company considers the Mission, Vision, Values, Market positioning, Competition, etc to identify, define and build the Leadership Competencies needed for the organization. Once the Leadership Competencies are identified, they build a Leadership Framework (through a grid approach), which addresses the leadership requirements of all levels of people in managerial roles in the organization.
Throwing light on, Suman says, “Every intervention we offer is supported by pre-work (including 360 degree feedback, use of psychometric tools, use of assessment and development centres, etc as applicable) and post-work where the participants use the learning at work and demonstrate a return on investment of the learning experienced, through impact on process, project delivery, etc. Throughout the process we recommend formation of an internal core team who closely work with us to take the initiative ahead. We believe in ‘Empowering’ our client partners to run the process internally as much as possible in the future”.

We continuously disrupt, in order to challenge, innovate and learn. We offer practical, relevant and sustainable development, to individuals, teams and Organizations.

Atiitya offers long-term solutions on an on-going basis. The clients primarily reach out to them when the an individual leader or a group of leaders are expected to be strategic, develop the sophistication in managing people or are need to enhance their performance as Leaders. “We do an understanding of the context, first establishing the real problems, establishing the areas that need attention, it may be sometimes just the way a process is defined and practiced that may be causing issues in leadership delivery. In such situations, we offer suggestions and recommend other experts who can help,” says Suman.

The company strategically approaches any request by first understanding the business context and the link of the problem to the business and then aligning the individual development needs to the organization’s mandate so that there is complete ownership in the entire eco system. Continuously disrupting in order to challenge, learn and innovate, Atiitya engages people with experience to complement their expertise and conviction.

Atiitya, which began as a training company, over the years has reached to greater heights by offering contemporary solutions and helping clients to monitor the pre and post impact of the intervention with a large pool of facilitators, assessors and coaches. “We empower individuals and organizations to go beyond their perceived effectiveness through the process of learning, exploring & finding their own moments of truth. Since 2004, we have worked with more than 300 companies, many of which are large conglomerates where we have served for many years. In this journey, more than 75 associates have worked with us on different projects. Please find below some of the articles, media presence, awards,” she concludes.