Chefs at Work: Integrated Solutions that deliver significant impact on Profits and Guest Loyalty

CIO Vendor Rajneesh Gandhi was working as an Executive Sous Chef. After working for 30 years with the hotel industry, he got an inquiry to set up a restaurant in Chicago, USA. The client wanted to come up with an Indian QSR model which serves healthy and vegan food. He took it as an opportunity as he wanted to explore the industry in a different way. O-Mango was his first project. After this, Rajneesh came back to India, set up his own venture which he named as Chefs at Work, formed a competent team, organized it and since then there was no looking back. Till date, the company has completed more than 50 projects across the country.

A consulting company which provides total hospitality solutions, Chefs at Work is focused on variety of services in the field of Hotels, Restaurants, Recreation and other hospitality related industries and assists its clients from conceptualization to the actual creation of a dream hospitality venture. The company believes in a ‘state of the art’ teamwork which is the ability to work together towards a common vision. “Our expertise at all levels of hospitality management, consulting, growing powerful brands and creating impacting designs, gave us the edge we have today,” says Rajneesh, who has also been an ex sous chef at Leela Palace, Bangalore.

The Team Strength

Every industry has its pros and cons. In the hospitality sector, the major challenges are unskilled labor. Working hour is not defined so many youngster even after completion of formal education switches to different industry. As there is demand, staff turnover is very high and retaining a good staff becomes a tough task. Chefs at work as team of chefs are dedicated to curate and innovate concepts in the hospitality industry. “We are creative, so we work in open work space environment. We travel, we explore and then we come back to work and execute,” he mentions.

The team at Chefs at Work gets to different assignments which flourishes the talent in them, with the support they grow professionally which motivates them. “Coming to work is never a task as there is excitement and challenges which keeps every team member motivated,” he adds.

An Array of Services

Chefs at work offers very customized concepts and ideas as per their clients’ requirement. The company makes sincere efforts to build in their dreams brick by brick and get their ideology and assists them in creating cuisines from all over the world and helping them out in right manpower management.
“We ensure we conduct rigorous trainings and food trial before the restaurant launch. We do both kitchen and service training and a demo trial run to make sure for perfect operations from day one,” avers Rajneesh.

The team at Chefs at Work gets to different assignments which flourishes the talent in them, with the support they grow professionally which motivates them.

With this, the company sets the kitchen design and help clients in conceptualizing the front of the house which revolves around the theme of food and drink that establishment offers. Additionally, team Chefs at Work plans the menu and helps getting a goof chef on board to do justice with its standards. Further, they also help clients in creating SOP which helps them during the operations throughout.

Chefs at work has another vertical which falls under the Management Consultancy where the company supports its client who has existing restaurant and face any glitches. They support them in analyzing by looking into current infrastructure and operating procedure and keep a check on entry to exit point which gives detailed aspect of restaurant functionality. Chefs at Work team members stay till the restaurant is in proper functionality.

The Journey

The journey of Chefs at Work has been fun filled. Over the years, the company has charted a clear path for businesses that ensures all the activities perfectly match market demand. The company has set up Pappuchaiwalla, a unique Chaiteria in Bangalore & Kolkata which serves chai and comfort food, vegetarian BBQ concept restaurant and executed in Chennai & Hubli Called Holy Grill & Sigdi. Also, they have a done a couple of QSR such as Café Tota Ram in Coimbtore, Indy Hop, Tikki Tikki in Bangalore, Pakodi Factory in Hyderabad, amongst others. Chefs at work has also been honored with World Travel Brands Award, won Leadership Service Excellence Award & Business Leader of the Year (F & B in Karnatka) in 2012 – 2013, All India Economy Survey award Council in 2014 , to name a few.

Narrating the future plans, Rajneesh says, “We are into an expansion phase. In the coming years, we are planning to open our offices in western and central India. We are looking for young & passionate Chefs to come on board. We will be capturing 2 tier cities in Indian market to organize the restaurant business. We also have plans to enter into ready to eat food products in the market in 2017. Next year, we are also launching my pet project called ‘Nirvana’ which will cater to only high end segments of hospitality industry like Hotels, Resorts, Leisure & Spas.”