Renaissance Capital Advisors: A Catalyst in the Debt Management and Revival Story

CIO Vendor In a corporate melee comprising equity, mortgages, funds, loans & debt, it becomes more and more pertinent that the financial space of the organizations is managed by professionals well versed with numbers. With the industrial growth facing challenges all over the world at a rate never seen before, the fledgling fortunes of corporations big or small remains in the hands of Debt management professionals to navigate them through tough times. These experts lend a hand in taking crucial decisions not only regarding the debt and equity but also ensure the corporate client do not end up as defaulters with the financial institutions and if at all such situations arise how to quickly resurrect them on the path of growth. Renaissance Capital Advisors is one such renowned financial advisor bringing a much-needed flourish to the Debt management market.

Established in 2009, Renaissance Capital Advisors has come a long way and managed to attain a lofty position in the Debt management industry with their dedication to act as a catalyst for evolution of its clientele and make a mark in their era of renaissance as their name suggests. Vikram Bajaj, Promoter, RCA says “RCA was promoted with the objective of creating a niche solution oriented advisory in debt management and asset reconstruction space to unlock the value stuck in non-performing assets by combining legal and financial expertise.” RCA being a service-oriented company is committed to a relentless drive to develop and implement debt management and revival strategy, incorporating legal and financial expertise for turnaround of corporate in distress. The custom-made solutions offered by the company integrat financial and operational restructuring, debt settlement, arranging take out and distress finance, sale of assets, distress M&A and management of litigation pertaining to impending debt.

Though the company has made huge strides in the industry but the challenges in the Debt management industry remain, significant one being the threat of stagnancy and further down turn in the economy. With the banks and financial institutions bearing the weight of stressed assets, the rate of fresh investments and capital formation has slowed down, thus affecting the pace of the economic growth at large.
RCA also advises Banks and Financial Institutions in resolution and recovery of their Non Performing Assets by effective negotiation with borrowers, prudent management of legal processes in complex situations and assisting in disposal of the secured assets. RCA has been providing a fresh outlook with their approach towards problem-solving, attention to detail, persistence and consistency.

RCA being a service oriented company isare committed to a relentless drive to develop and implement debt management and turnaround strategy, incorporating legal and financial expertise for turnaround of corporate in distress and unlocking of value stuck in Non Performing Assets.

With a multi-dimensional team which combines legal and financial expertise, RCA has been able to under pin both the Banks & the Investors helping them in recovery of Non-Performing Assets and evaluating investment opportunities in distress and special situations. For their able delivery of services RCA is trusted by a wide array of investors for understanding, evaluating and capitalizing on high yield investment opportunities in Real Estate, Distress Debt Portfolios and Sick Industrial Companies.

Based in New Delhi, RCA has had major clients through out and aided many BSE/NSE affiliated companies in coming out of financial distress by effective debt management and turn around advisory. On the institutional side the firm is in engagement with Edelweiss ARC, Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Arcil, India SME ARC, International ARC, IFCI Factors, UV ARC, Alchemist ARC, J M Financial ARC, Axis Bank for NPA resolution, acquisition and due diligence. Looking ahead, Vikram Bajaj concludes “RCA plans to gradually move from advisory to investing and may promote a NBFC to fund SMEs in distress.”