FinKonnect: A Catalyst for SME’s Debt Management Solutions

CIO Vendor Despite the fact that financial institutions have identified the SME sector as a fast growing sector in the country, there are several constraints serving as bottlenecks to SMEs in accessing finance from financial institutions. However, for many SMEs and entrepreneurs, arrangement of capital investment from the market remains the primary concern while setting up their business. In many cases, SMEs are not able to access loans from financial institutions because of the conditions that come along with the loan. Apart from this, unawareness of the factors that financial institutions take into considerations before lending to its customers was another major roadblock that came in the way of entrepreneur’s business. With a motive to focus on SMEs and eliminate their financing challenges, FinKonnect Group was established in June 2011 by Anshul Gupta, Akhilesh Gupta & Ashish Gupta.

Headquartered in Mumbai, this investment-banking firm focuses on providing advisory, consultancy and other services related to corporates and institutional clients across size and domain. “We bring to table customized solutions with immense value to help turnaround average businesses into dynamic leaders in their industry segment”, says Anshul Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner of FinKonnect. To ensure desired results in a limited time period, the firm offers a complete hand holding right from the conceptual to conclusion stage in all verticals like accounts, compliances, banking and finance, equity, expansion plans and related strategies. Being an independent integrated full service investment banking firm, FinKonnect has crafted a service portfolio that includes almost every aspect that remains crucial in the Debt Management aspect like Corporate Financing Advisory and Management Advisory.Primarily, the firm focuses on Debt Syndication, Special Situation Advisory and Merger & Acquisition but it has expertise in various other advisory services as well.

“FinKonnect has crafted a service portfolio that includes almost every aspect that remains crucial in the Debt Management aspect like Corporate Financing Advisory and Management Advisory.”

Bolstered with a pool of eminent advisors and specialists having experience in a blend of sectors, FinKonnect also offers Private Equity Advisory, Recapitalization, Acquisition Financing, Project Advisory, Corporate Restructuring, Capital Market Advisory and Distress Buyouts. Talking about the services of FinKonnect, Ashish Gupta, Founder and Promoter of FinMman Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.(An associate company) states, “Our expertise on Special Situation Cases has enabled us to dish out exemplary solutions for clients with liquidity crunch or cash flow mismatch.” Under the special situation cases, the firm provides innovative and customized solutions to companies facing financial and operational challenges. Additionally,the FinKonnect team renders end-to-end solutions on setting up of renewable energy projects. Corporate insurance consultancy is another advisory service that the firm proudly offers to its clients assisting in designing and implementing customized solutions that use the optimum combination of Risk Mitigation and Risk Transfer.

“Recent economic changes and regulatory initiatives have made FinKonnect’s unique perspective of blending banking; advisory and corporate finance experience even more valuable in addressing financial issues,” adds Anshul. The firm strives to create significant value for entrepreneurs and companies by helping them execute the right strategy with“Out-of-the-box solution” approach. FinKonnect’s approach of working closely with its clients and having people with vast experiences has helped it to complete a successful journey till now and further, the company plans to make tremendous value additions with its expert professionals to render optimum advice on Direct Financing and Risk Management & Mitigation.