Arikta Consulting: An Unmatched Debt Management Service Provider for SME’s

CIO Vendor Today, SME’s have become the spine of Indian economy gaining increased attention in recent times, considering their strategic importance to the economy and the country. In spite of their contribution in the Indian economy, they face several challenges. Most of the SMEs do not have the required knowledge and awareness about financial management, funds availability, credit ratings, restructuring, revival of sick units, merger and acquisitions. Additionally, they lack awareness about how to obtain Private Equity, Venture Capital, Government Grants and Incentives as well as FDI or Investment. They require assistance to build up their knowledge and expertise of intermediaries with respect to SME lending, thus helping to catalyse an independently sustainable SME lending market.

Having identified these shortcomings, Bhaskaran S Iyer founded Arikta Consulting in 2013, a boutique investment banking firm that provides advisory and investment banking services to the middle market and the lower middle market companies. “We primarily focus only on SME’s because we realise that SME’s are the segment which requires our value added services as we understand the every aspect of their business,” Bhaskaran states. The company has unparalleled investment banking skills for the middle market with seasoned transactional talent and industry expertise to each engagement. It recognises the fundraising options for the businesses and assists them in structuring and selecting the structures of the options. Along with this, the Arikta team identifies the optimal solution to synchronize its client’s growth strategies on the perpetual basis. There is a thorough suite of services that the company renders to its clients irrespective of their sector. “We work with entrepreneurs across every spectrum, because we are not sector agnostic.
We work on every sector whatever comes to us. We have developed an expertise in wide range of segments from food processing, real estate to pharmaceuticals and medical sciences,” Bhaskaran further adds.

“With in-depth knowledge of clients businesses, Arikta Consulting provides the most proficient services of Debt Syndication, M&A Transactions and Private Equity.”

With in-depth knowledge of clients businesses, Arikta Consulting provides the most proficient services of Debt Syndication, M&A Transactions and Private Equity. The firm assists the clients to leverage on debt as an instrument to raise capital through structured financial products for various requirements including projects, expansions, working capital and in structuring and syndicating funds for acquisitions. Along with this the company provides a full range of private equity services and has a strong relation with private capital providers for global private equity funds, India focused private equity funds, real estate funds, FIIs, mezzanine funds, hedge funds and global banks. In addition, Arikta is backed with the deepest network of senior industry executives and decision makers hand holding its clients through the entire process of financial services bringing measurable value to client’s drive for growth, competitiveness and profitability.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Arikta works closely with its clients to understand their extensive needs and help them in preparation of their business plans and financial projections. At present, the firm carries out some part of its services in Chennai and Hyderabad and in the coming years, plans to make them a major market for their operations. Further, the company aims to be a trusted and objective adviser and be acknowledged as a preferred provider of corporate finance services and solutions.