Xenia Hospitality Solutions: Innovative Business Ideas and Concepts

CIO Vendor Ever since Zeenia was a little girl she dreamt of staring her own venture. As time progressed, she went to Hotel School in Switzerland, graduated and got my first job in a hotel in Dubai. Working there for few years, she finally found her way back to Mumbai where she worked for a few more years. As circumstances would have it, one day she found herself hanging up her apron to work for a comedy club for about two years. And this is where she finally realized her true passion. “I curated events for the likes of Lucky Ali, Aapche Indian, Hard Rock Sofa etc. and absolutely thrived on the high. Another bump in the road and I decided this was as good a time as any so I resigned and walked straight into the nearest Starbucks. I set up my domain name and started calling my old clients. Thus Xenia Hospitality came into being,” avers Zeenia Percy Master, Founder, Xenia Hospitality Solutions.

In a city where there are over 4500 registered event companies, it was no less than a challenge to set a strong foothold at one shot. Venturing into the market, acquiring trust, getting the right staff and vendors willing to invest on were some of the major road bocks in the initial days at Xenia. However, with personalized services, soon the company carved a niche for itself in the market. “We aim at being your one point contact for even the little things like fire crackers during the barat to safety pins for the bride. This personalized service keeps the family at ease. This also helps us as the information funnels through one person so there is no duplication or misunderstanding and all the requests are fulfilled,” says Zeenia.
Xenia Hospitality Solutions aims at developing a relationship with clients that make them feel comfortable and part of a family. Xenia is determined to have long-term relationships by delivering a service par excellence with in the budget you have set. “At Xenia, we understand how important your event is. The fact that you would want people to share it with other people means the event is important to you and in turn is important to us. We are your one stop shop for your events. We provide a vast spectrum of service, which enables us to execute your event from initiation to completion with ease and professionalism. We curate a plethora of corporate, leisure, weddings, music award functions, exhibitions. All within the budget you envisioned,” she adds.

Xenia Hospitality Solutions aims at developing a relationship with clients that make them feel comfortable and part of a family

The Journey

Xenia which begun as a one man army has over the years become a team of 12. The company has been fortunate to host and curate events at Turf Club and NSCI Dome within three years of their inception. Additionally, Xenia has been listed on all the top wedding portals like Wedding Sutra and Wed Me Good to name a few.

Narrating about the future road map, Zenia adds, “We have expansion plans in terms of staff and would like to put few more venues to our portfolio. I am very heavily invested in the dying of a western classical music. We would like to start a property around that and revive the culture. We also have a few more off beat properties, which we plan on starting at Yiamas and then growing to larger venues. Our ultimate aim is to be synonymous with the wedding industry and arts and culture,” she concludes.