Total Hospitality: Enhancing Success in Hospitality

CIO Vendor The opportunity in the hospitality domain is vast for professionals who love to take up challenges, as bulk of the industry is run by folks who are hardly acquainted with the domain,but can be successful with appropriate professional support. Having worked in different organizations as Vice President, General Manager, Executive Chef, and as the head of a premium hospitality institute, Vishwanath Pandey conceived the idea of setting up a proper hospitality consultancy to help entrepreneurs find a strong foot hold in the sector. The absolute dearth of professional consultants in the field paved way for his success as Total Hospitality took shape. Over a few years, team Total Hospitality under, has designed a consultancy model to suit every style, taste and budget in the hospitality industry.

Ride to Success

As a first generation entrepreneur, Vishwanath explicates that the initial days were not easy. However, with his professional reputation in the market, Total Hospitality was able quickly to acquire projects. Its success in the very inceptive stage was instantly recognized and the firm grew on to take up bigger and specialized projects. Elaborating more on this, Vishwanath says, “A hospitality consultant’s profile and his contribution to a successful setup were not understood by most clients. But fortunately most entrepreneurs were receptive to ideas. We not only educated them, but changed their perception on consultants, by value advisory and profitable sourcing.”

“Bafflingly many clients expect immediate returns on their investment, as they may in real estate or in film production, which unfortunately is not the truth in hospitality business. This business is capital intensive and fraught with challenges, a fact that doesn’t sink in immediately for many who venture into the field. It may not be too difficult to make a name by competitive offerings and great quality but money comes along the way and that will invariably take time.
Also once a hospitality venture begins to reap in gains, instead of demonstrating a higher care in improving quality, promoters sadly begin to compromise and that could be their real nemesis,” says Vishwanath Pandey. ‘Quality, and consistency in delivery is the only way the hospitality business can survive,’ he says, and there is absolutely no shortcut.

Transparency in work as their motto, Total Hospitality hand holds its clients and guides them at every stage from conception to completion.

The Silver Lining

Transparency in work as their motto, Total Hospitality hand holds its clients and guides them at every stage from the drawing board stage it self till the successful opening of the venture, and monitoring the operations for a full quarter. “Our inputs help clients save a tremendous lot of time and money as they would other wise lose both these valuable resources which could seriously stress the venture. Our support at every stage and our intelligent inputs have created groups of loyal clients who continuously refer to us for any need,” avers Vishwanath.

The firm provides a wide range of services for hotel businesses from conceptualization to project completion, some of which include Project Feasibility, Budgeting, Costing and Financial Planning, Market Research, Property Management Services, Hotel Planning and Designing, amongst others. Kitchen and Laundry areas are consistent challenges for anyone but Total Hospitality executes them with ease.

Winning the ‘Best Hospitality Consultant’ Award from Epicurus in association with SIHARA, for the last three successive years has further consolidated Total Hospitality. With major clients such as Infosys and Radisson, Total Hospitality is now working from Manali in the North to Coimbatore in the south encompassing much bigger projects and further widening its scope. Narrating the firm’s future plans, Vishwanath concludes, “We are under the process of obtaining QMS, i.e. an ISO 9001:2015 certification towards quality. Also we are looking forward to grow the same in various cities. We are not only looking at successfully accomplishing projects here in India, but also to taking the company on to a global platform.”