The Premium: Setting a Benchmark on Providing Quality Services

CIO Vendor Hospitality industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries of the country. While many big Indian names have already captured a big market share; international brands are also on a spree of expansion. Almost all the big brands have added hundreds to thousands of new rooms in their room inventory and most of them have further plans for expansion.

One of the biggest reasons of this growth is that India has emerged as one the most important business destinations in South Asia. Growth in IT as well as India’s potential to become one of the best tourist destinations in the world have attracted all major global hospitality brands towards India. Moreover, the ‘Incredible India’ campaign launched by the Government of India has had a strong impact on the tourist arrivals in India. At present, India hosts more than 30 hotel brands which are expanding even in the smaller towns.

Also, Indian hotels are innovating continuously to sustain the competition from domestic and International Chains. The hotel chains have diversified from being exclusive super deluxe chains to serving the middle and lower budget markets as well and have evolved to be competitive, innovative and extremely guest focused and has been successful in establishing their place in global markets. The Indian hotel chains are using latest marketing tools like on line marketing, social media marketing, emails, direct marketing, travel agencies to compete in the market. Ideally fitting into the picture is The Premium, a knowledge based hospitality services firm. Strategically located in Bangalore, the company's commitment is to provide quality service and to offer a one stop solution to its client for their hospitality needs. The Premium has earned a strong reputation for successfully managing the guesthouses at various cities of India with hassle free services and accommodation solutions with hotel standards.

The Struggle behind establishing ‘The Premium’

The journey of The Premium dates back to 2008 when there was a huge recession in the IT business. In Kaushik Das’, CEO, The Premium words, “It was indeed a difficult situation to handle, more so because I had taken a loan worth three lakhs. There was a crisis pertaining to finance; however I was lucky to have a supporting team especially Rakesh Kumar who stood with me throughout. Tough days gradually disappeared and in 2009 we got a break from iGate. And rest is history.”

Things fell into place when iGate merged with Patni Computer Systems and team The Premium started growing in terms of finance and support. The firm caught attention of several key players in the market. Adding on to this, Kaushik says, “ Initially, there were hardly 20 to 25 rooms but today we are almost close to 800 homes and the kind of contract that we have in hand might add up to one crore. If all goes well, we will be adding up to a revenue worth two crores by 2017.”

The Premium is a quality conscious organization that continuously strives to establish and maintain strong relations with its clients

Undoubtedly, the early days at The Premium were challenging. Setting up a team, raising funds and getting clients were the most prominent ones. Never the less, with the help of Mr. Shashidhar, Kaushik was able to build up his venture. Enlightening on this, he explains, “He came forward and invested almost 30 lacs in our company. In a span of three years, we have given close to 70 lacs in return. The kind of trust we have exchanged at that point of time when we were just a growing company with a very small inventory is always mention worthy.”

Competitive Pricing Matching Hotel Standards

Over the years, The Premium has been administered by professionals having expertise in the hospitality Industry and having creative indulgence. The proficient staffs have been triumphant in this business for years. Wide experience added with passion to serve better is where The Premium stands out. Quality knowledge and expertise are key factors responsible for its growth in the industry. Since its inception, the firm has been involved in providing guest house management services wherein they help companies get right people to manage the process. “Our first business priority goes to the management contract. We meticulously select people to stick to our credibility. We only take people with reference, who have worked for three four years in the industry and have a clean background,” he avers. The firm constantly strives to deliver quality and leaves no stone unturned to provide quality products for the clients. “We have Red Phoenix Hospitality Services,a unit of The Premium which is into corporate guesthouse solutions and serviced apartments. As a one stop solution provider for corporate guesthouse requirement, we deliver wide range of quality services as per client's requirement

What makes The Premium stand out in the crowd is its competent team that understands that the key to providing creative services with cost effective module to the client is to understand their requirements thoroughly. “An operational team with passion for service, professional housekeeping staff, cooks from hotel background and professional customer service team have proved our service perfection in the market. Having an expertise team with outsourcing capabilities in managing existing corporate guesthouse requirements gives us an upper hand in the market,” he adds. With quality services, the firm has earned a prestigious list of clients that includes iGate, ABB, ascendas, Walmart, Sapient, amongst others.

The Premium Path

Kaushik takes great pride in a fact that The Premium is a quality conscious organization that continuously strives to establish and maintain strong relations with its clients. The determination of the team underlines the success of The Premium. He highlights that in the years to come; team The Premium envisions being one of the best organizations worth 100 crores. “Currently we are running 800 homes and my idea is to double the numbers in the near future. I always believe in service. Once you start giving service and kind of gesture what guest requires, you achieve success,” he concludes with a smile.