Tatva Hospitality: Committed to provide Requisite Services to Boutique Resorts & Leisure Properties

CIO Vendor Tourism and hospitality, a key sector of the Indian economy, plays a key role in the growth of Brand India and accounts for around 12.4 percent of the total employment in India. With this upsurge taking place in the travel, tourism and hospitality space, hotels, resorts and restaurants are cashing on this hospitality business surge and looking for professional help who can guide them throughout be itmeticulous planning, analytical business thinking, thorough market research or prudent execution. Ideally fitting into the picture is Tatva Hospitality Private Limited (THPL), a firm that offers premier personalized management and consulting services to the dynamic world of boutique leisure properties and resort operations management.

Tatva Hospitality was principally established to bring in professional standards to help boutique resorts in South India and to provide an enriching experience to the evolved traveler. The company’s philosophy originates from the very word ‘Tatva’! When translated from Sanskrit, it means, ‘fundamental’, ‘reality’, ’truth’ or ‘principle’. Each of these words resonate the firm’s beliefs and serves as a beacon to guide their business. “At Tatva Hospitality, we hope to leverage our wealth of experience, to complement your ideas with a touch of ingenuity. We are committed to provide an end-to-end solution, as partners, to manage and operate boutique resorts across India,” says Manoj Kunisseri, CEO, Tatva Hospitality.

Crossing the Hurdles

As with any other startup, Tatva too had to start from ground zero. Explaining this, Manoj avers, “We came across all the challenges which normally plague a startup, such as cash flow management, getting the right team, getting the first break through. However having said, through sheer patience, perseverance, a good team and more than anything a very patient Director cum investor, we have been able to become a key player in the industry”.
Here I have to mention my colleague Vivek Vinod, without whom Tatva would not be where it is now. His knowledge, rich experience and overall insight has been the key factor for Tatvas growth. Also a special mention about our Director, Ranjan M, who has contributed to the overall growth of the company by being highly critical and pushing us over the edge! Over the years, the firm has grown organically. “Since we have grown organically, the pace has been slow and steady. All the projects we have got are through word of mouth only,” he adds. Needless to say, the firm leaves no stone unturned to help their clients improve their efficiencies in operations and their bottom-line. Tatva’s consulting services to set up boutique resorts, help their clients set up resorts, which are unique in concept, provide a different experience to the guest, appeal to the evolved traveler and inculcate sustainable practices for a better tomorrow. “Our clients mostly being boutique resorts have similar challenges pertaining to destinations, consistency in delivery of service, adopting sustainable practices. A robust package of services like project consulting, preparing feasibility study reports, sales and marketing, technology consulting and property audits helps us synthesize their needs and provide holistic solutions,” he further adds.

Team Tatva has been associated with their flagship property The Ibnii, Coorg, which is an Eco-Luxe resort

An Edge above Others

Team Tatvahas been associated with their flagship property The Ibnii, which is an Eco-Luxe resort. “We have already won an award for The Best Debut Hotel from Outlook Traveler and The Best Eco-Luxe Resort Award by Global Brands Magazine, UK. We have also been shortlisted for Responsible Tourism Awards by Outlook Traveler,” says Manoj.

By 2020, Team Tatva envisions managing and operating10 boutique resorts across South India. Highlighting the future roadmap, Manoj concludes, “We hope to achieve this through our commitment and passion and never say die attitude. By offering tailor made solutions and delivering it with the highest level of professional standards, we will achieve what we have set out for”.