Pure Research: Customized Procurement Research & Business Intelligence Solutions

CIO Vendor Globalization has paved the way for companies to consider procurement from various low cost countries across the world. While having access to a global supply chain opens a lot of options for procurement organizations, limited visibility into these supply chains bring along greater supply chain disruption risks. Therefore, businesses with global supply chains are looking for consulting firms that can help them identify, assess, and mitigate supply chain risks. Pure Research is one such company that fills this gap, seamlessly integrating in-depth supplier assessments with real-time monitoring of suppliers and their n-tier supply chains, to keep buying organizations aware of the risks and opportunities in their supply chains. Ankit Kohli and Anupam Ashish founded the company in 2012 to leverage their strong research experience of analyzing and assessing companies and industries worldwide. Today, Pure Research, an ISO 9001/2015 certified company,is one of the best companies that successfully delivers high-value, custom research and analysis across three functional areas, namely, procurement and supply chain intelligence; financial research; and business and market intelligence to leading corporates and professional services firms world wide. Commenting on their unique value proposition, Ankit Kohli, Co-Founder& Director, Pure Research says, “Our approach is boutique in every sense and our senior team works closely with each client throughout the life cycle of an engagement – from understanding the need, to designing and delivering the solution, to post-execution attention – resulting in ongoing communication and exchange of ideas, and seamless delivery.”

Exclusive Procurement Intelligence Services

Pure Research has well versed company heads and a competent team. With their procurement intelligence solutions, they help procurement teams worldwide to create secure and sustainable supply chains, based on actionable research on suppliers and categories.
The company provides a complete suite of procurement intelligence solutions that include supply chain mapping, category risk identification and monitoring, supplier risk assessments, category management support, strategic sourcing, sustainable sourcing support, and best practices research.
“Buying organizations need risk assessments where the analysis of financial health is complemented by the assessment of business model and sustainability performance of suppliers, to identify risk signals ahead of time and gain greater visibility into risk areas” adds Ankit. The firm has developed a proprietary risk assessment frame work – BFS – that identifies and monitors supplier risk across 250+ Business, Financial & Sustainability risk categories. These assessments are also complemented by real-time monitoring of suppliers and categories over more than 5,000 digital sources to catch any early warning risk signals. Pure Research’s in-house database of 1.5 million global suppliers enables it analysts to provide tactical RFX and strategic sourcing support for category managers.

“Pure Research provides global corporations and professional service firms with comprehensive insights on their suppliers, supply markets, markets, customers and competitors”

Getting Closer to Clients – Geographically and Technologically

Headquartered in New Delhi, Pure Research started working with a couple of US-based clients in 2012. Over the years, it has diversified its client-base to include leading corporates from the Europe, the Middle East and back-home in India. In December 2015, the company expanded its geographic footprint by opening an office in London, to gain proximity to existing and new clients in the region. Ankit adds, “We believe that the opening of our new office in London will help us address the growing client demand for on-ground presence and integration of local insights into our research deliverables.” In the coming months, Pure Research has plans to launch a digital delivery platform that would help clients monitor their supply chains more closely and use analytics to uncover key risk areas.