Terabay: Enhance your Business with Ease

CIO Vendor The supply chain procurement decisions of any organization directly impacts on the entire organization. Organizations tend to handle everything internally, rather than that they must let the businesses focus on their strengths and outsource the rest of their processes. Real locating the effort put by the suppliers on meeting with bottleneck suppliers to strategic suppliers can free more resources. Thus they need to realize that an effective supply chain procurement process is essential to the success of every company. It is important to continuously examine practices and implement the most effective way to maximize efficiency.

Anup Gupta, Founder, Terabay observed that there were companies doing business between them and there were also a lot of vendors who are supporting them but sadly there were no company that helped them to improve their business. Thus, with the intention to either build or improve businesses Terabay was established. Terabay focuses on the needs of global carriers and businesses to constantly improve and expand them. Speaking elaborately about the firm Anup says, “We at Terabay focuses on the global telecom and wholesale business with an aim to help and support carriers to enhance services and also to expand networks and build business in new geographies. We have trustworthy experts to help the clients execute their priorities and optimize their operations.”

Terabay, in their initial period came across several challenges but overcoming those road blocks today they have successfully grown to one of the most efficient quality management organizations that help businesses transform from better to best.
The firm delivers services encompassing four major segments, namely, business expansion, business transformation, customized service and business collaterals. In order to build a business, team Terabay often goes through challenging situations either to build companies or to make perform better with their revenues or their customer satisfaction. But with their talented professionals and panel of experts in different business line, they successfully understand their client’s pain points and consider all the aspects of the business and propose changes and execute the same flawlessly. “We at Terabay just don’t give solutions, but also solve problems. We also have multiple offering in our diverse portfolio for technology and B2B companies which helps our clients across the business spectrum. We also come forward to help our clients in implementing new skills in their business”, adds Anup.

“Terabay focuses on the global telecom and wholesale business with an aim to help and support carriers to enhance services”

Terabay headquartered in Delhi, with its excellent team have its telecom operations in India as well as outside India. Anup with his 17 years of experience in the carrier industry, with the establishment of Terabay have been filling the need of an organization to support carriers in their business. Commenting on their future plans, he concludes, “Today we have a number of coveted global partners and customers with that we are looking for to expand our business and take Terabay to greater heights. With our experience now we have learnt that we keep our future open to the needs of customers and the change we can bring to them and act accordingly. We don't define our future; we let our customers do it as it is their objectives that we meet. We have grabbed all the challenges coming on our way as opportunities with which we shall continue helping our clients in our coming days.”