Pinnacle Sourcing and Consultancy: '' Creating Value'' Throughout

CIO Vendor Himanshu Kapoor had been working in the supply chain domain for over 20 years. During his tenure in the services sector in supply chain domain, he sensed a need of manufacturing industry to receive support from third party service providers, who could provide end to end sourcing solutions. Even though there were other consultancy firms offering supply chain solutions, such kind of end to end sourcing solutions were hard to find. Identifying this gap, he set up Pinnacle Sourcing and Consultancy (, a leading International supply chain consulting firm which delivers pragmatic and innovative sourcing and consulting solutions, enabling organizations to manage their supply chain effectively and helping them achieve a path of greater profitability. “As leading supply chain management consultants with multiple years of experience in manufacturing industry, we could very well understand the need to provide end to end sourcing and procurement solutions. This was the genesis of Pinnacle Sourcing. Since strategic sourcing is not a solo effort, we partner with clients by leveraging our detailed knowledge-base, exhaustive sourcing experience and trained local resources,” says Himanshu.

The early days at Pinnacle were momentous. Being blessed with a core team, the firm came across a few clients who were willing to invest in their services. “Given my experience in the industry, I came across like-minded people who were willing to join us. We also got few clients; however our constant focus was on scaling up operations and then convincing the big players to procure our services,” he adds. Currently with global footprints in 17 countries, Pinnacle provides services in Asia, ASEAN, Eastern Europe, North America & Mexico at various stages of a client's Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Life cycle with special focus on best cost country (BCC) sourcing solutions.
The firm has an illustrious client base across diverse industry segments which include ArticCat, Chamberlain, TIDC India, Remy& Bras scraft amongst others. High “actualized” savings leading to a high ROI for clients has ensured long term engagements with most of them.

As one of the leading strategic sourcing company, Pinnacle acts as an extended arm of it’s clients with the objective of accelerating their sourcing initiatives using it’s global footprints in 17 countries.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

As one of the leading strategic sourcing companies, Pinnacle specializes in fulfilling the diverse sourcing needs of it’s global clients. The firm provides end to end sourcing solutions with the objective to identify, qualify and develop suppliers for clients in low cost countries meeting the technical and functional specifications as well as offering most competitive pricing with highest quality levels. It also provides third party inspection & supplier audit services. Not only this, Pinnacle offers a unique and flexible virtual office solution to suit businesses and budgets of all types. Through this, they help companies to operate business in different regions from the comfort of their own office and cut down on costs of setting up actual office there by limiting their overall liability & increasing business profits.

Additionally, Pinnacle also provides market entry services in India and other countries across the world based on client requirements. Through all these service offerings, team Pinnacle creates strong collaborative relationships which delivers extraordinary value to the clients.

Over the years, Pinnacle has ventured into newer markets and expanded its operations world wide. The firm has entered into a strategic alliance with OPTEX Japan, a world leader in sensing technology, to meet the expanding needs of the Indian security industry with a host of innovative &high-tech products from OPTEX. Aiming at an eventful journey ahead & focussed on “Continuous Learning &Improvement”, team Pinnacle continues to “Create Value” for all its stake holders through a “Principle Centered Approach”.