Himtech Consultants: Strife to Build Green Energy & Make Earth a Better Place.

CIO Vendor India’s honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s personal commitment toward renewable energy, particularly solar has become an inspiration for the Energy and Power industries to strive to make the planet Earth a better place to live in. PM Modi’s Solar Project has set a goal of raising its solar capacity nearly 30 times to 100 GW by 2020. India being a country that faces challenge of severe climatic changes requires more of such companies that would take an initiative to support the banking of sunshine to generate power and help fight climatic change. Himtech Consultants is one such leading company which grows its operations, keeping in mind to carry forward the missions and dream of PM Modi’s Solar Projects and Skill Development Programs. Established in 2011 at Dehradun, Himtech was formed with the motive to help consult their clients in Hydro power projects. However today with its five years of excellent service they are further aiming to help in development of about 2000 megawatt solar PV projects, hydro-green energy, and contribute in building capacity for about 1000 manpower in next five years.

Himtech was established to provide quality consultancy services in the energy sector consisting of hydro energy from conceptualization to commissioning, suggesting innovative ideas for reduction of Transmission and Distribution Losses. They have put in their best IT applications in the development of green energy especially solar. “We started the learning and development programs keeping in mind the growing requirement of capacity building for various categories in the power and infrastructure sector. Though heading forward with the project was not an easy task. When we were setting up Himtech, there were many challenges being faced by the power sector in the country.
Establishing a team of experts who are capable of resolving these issues and winning the confidence of the industry was a tough job. But eventually with our strength of rich knowledge and experience we were able to overcome and come a long way with Himtech”, says Rajendra Prasad Jamloki, Himtech Consultants.

“Himtech Consultants a leading company which grows its operations, keeping in mind to carry forward the missions and dream of PM Modi’s Solar Projects Programs and Skill Development”

“We at Himtech provide best in class services related to development of the hydropower, reduction of AT&C losses, transmission & distribution system designs, energy audit, and skill development”, adds Rajendra. The company is in continuous process of growing has served reputed clients namely, Lanco Hydro, Trident Tech Labs, SMEC International, Bhilangana Hydro Power Limited, Guru Ram Rai Medical College, Cantt. Board, Dehradun and many more. Moreover, the company is a technical partner to Institution of Engineers Uttarakhand State Center Dehradun to promote green energy and skill development and we are in process of starting a training program for solar development for unemployed youths with the help of Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Authority (UREDA), GoU.

Himtech over the years with a team of experts having 35 years of experience in their respective field have worked from conceptualization to the commissioning of the various types and levels of energy projects such as, micro, mini, medium, and large hydro projects, solar projects and other infrastructure works like roads and canals. “We at Himtech excel in providing all sorts of consultation under one roof. We are a step ahead in this field with the advantage of having ready infrastructure for capacity building of the personals of the concerned organization. It is our responsibility to utilize the power of nature and we would continue to strive to develop the project of Green energy in the future as well”, concludes Rajendra.