MIDAS: One-Stop Solar Power Solution Provider

CIO Vendor India, a rapidly growing country with a population of over 1 billion people, is facing a huge energy demand with each passing year. The country stands fifth in terms of production and consumption of electricity in the world. While the production of electricity has expanded over the years; it cannot be denied that the population of the country is also rising each year. With a large section of India still residing in villages with minimum to no power supply, it is high time that our country should concentrate more on energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. To meet this surging demand, solar energy is the best form of energy to fulfil the energy needs of India and bridge the energy demand-supply gap. Noida based MIDAS (Metropolitan Infrabuild Development And Services Pvt. Ltd) was established understanding the significance of solar energy as a reliable source that can bridge the growing gap between the energy demand and supply.

Keeping up with its founding objective, MIDAS has come up with a wide range of products which includes Solar Panels, Solar Hybrid Charge Controllers, a system with advanced Hybrid (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Technology; Solar Inverters, Solar Home packs, Solar Battery, Evacuated Tube Collector solar panel models and Flat Plate Collector solar panel models. “We started our business as electrical consultants where we focused on designing the electrical service stations and offices. However, in 2011 with government of India’s favourable policies MIDAS stood up and formed the solar division. Today, at MIDAS, we are successfully providing ELV and EPC solutions for rooftops across the major cities like Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Bihar and Bangalore,” speaks Raghvendra Verma, Director, MIDAS Pvt Ltd.

Midas Solar provides complete EPC solutions for Solar Power Generation ensuring high efficiency and end-to-end project execution

With its top notch services like Electrical Consultancy, Solar and LED lighting Manufacturing Facility, Electrical Projects, Solar EPC solutions and ELV Division, MIDAS is already redefining the ways of using Solar as an energy source. The company has its separate ELV division which is poised to deliver complete IBMS Solution to its customers. It’s Solar Business Vertical is aimed at providing EPC solutions for building Solar Power Plants based on Photovoltaic (PV) technology and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology (Grid Connected as well as off Grid). The complete range EPC solutions offered by MIDAS include solutions for Solar Power Generation including Site evaluation, Design for Solar farms, HV/LV Panels, Inverters, Instrumentation, Power Evacuation, Power distribution as well as Operation & Maintenance. This existing vertical provides cost effective, reliable O&M for solar energy projects utilizing a large, wide spread network of skilled manpower across the country.

The company takes great pride in its ability to solve problems, to make things happen, and to see projects get through satisfactory completion, that too within budget. Its competence and calibre is very well reflected through its clientele which includes prestigious names like DLF Group, Delhivery and Jaypee Group. Discussing about the future roadmap of MIDAS, Raghvendra says, “Our experience and personal approach enables us to meet clients’ needs whilst maintaining a cost effective, quality service through to the successful contract completion. In short, when you appoint MIDAS we promise to be totally committed to your interests. In the coming days we want to keep up with our good work and evolve as the leading player in the EPC field across the entire North India.”