Daystar Solar: Contributing towards a Greener Tomorrow

CIO Vendor It was during a ski holiday in Switzerland while pursuing his MBA that FawazHussa in came across chalets powered by solar energy.At that instant, he made up his mind to set foot into Solar industry back home. Being an electronics engineer, with an eye for design and keen aesthetics, he designed a grid-connected power plant that could power and meet the energy requirement of his house while supplying excess power back to the grid. With this, Daystar Solar came into being to provide customized solutions to the clients who can truly benefit from the power of the sun to achieve zero power bills.“Our goal to set up this firm was to help the customers reduce their monthly energy expenditure and make them energy independent. Our paramount focus is to fulfillment of the customers’ requirement; no matter how small or how impossible it may seem” explains Fawaz Hussain, Founder, Daystar Solar.

The Solar industry is an emerging industry with tremendous opportunity for growth, which breeds stiff competition. However, establishing a company is easier said than done. Explaining further, Fawaz adds, “The constraints of being a start-up prevented us from allocating big budget spends and it was no less than a challenge to get the initial investments and build a qualified team. Establishing a clientele was initially tough as most people were unaware of information related to solar energy.

Over the years, Daystar has moved towards a holistic growth and successfully positioned it self as one of the leading producers and manufacturers of best quality goods, bridging the gap between the customer’s needs and business services. “Our USP is that we manufacture and supply our own Solar Inverters and Solar AC and DC distribution boxes.
We ensure that the designs made are maintenance free and stand the test of time taking into consideration factors such as grid, weather, structural and operational conditions. Certain design parameters are over looked when part of the work is outsourced which is a common practice in most companies and this compromises the quality of the project. There fore since its inception Daystar wanted to make sure they had all the products made in house so that our quality assurance and control would be tightly monitored. Our work culture is directed towards feeding off the customer satisfaction rather than number of completed projects”he further adds.

We go Beyond the market trends to set benchmarks and ensure that our world class designed products Exceeds Industry Standards

The Growth-way through Customer Satisfaction

Established in 2012 and headquartered in Chennai, Daystar has been profitably able to grow and is gradually branching out in the manufacturing and consulting sectors.

Further more, with the growth of the solar industry, team Daystar expects to enter the carbon emissions trading market where-in they would be trading Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The firm also is devoting time and efforts to establish a Research and Development wing that can promote free exchange of ideas and data to help the scientists study the effects of climate change and predict various other factors. “We go beyond the market trend to set benchmarks and ensure that our world class designed products exceed industry standards. We are a services oriented firm and measure our growth by customer satisfaction”, concludes Fawaz.

Clients are assured that their needs will be addressed and are kept updated with all the solutions we have to offer. We never compel the client to opt for an installation of a power plant if his requirement can be met through a better design and clever savings.