Detectvision Technology: Empowering Success thourgh Knowledge

CIO Vendor The story of Ruchi Sharma, CEO of Detecvision, is an interesting one. The journey dates back to 2006 when Ruchi pursued her Masters degree in Applied Science from Gyan Vihar University and further completed her MBA in marketing Management from IMT, Ghaziabad. A woman of high value who believed education to be the most important milestone of her career, Ruchi always believed all money in the world does not provide the satisfaction and prestige as education does. Only when people become literate the outlook of the society shall automatically improve. Ruchi understood and trusted the fact that to move within the certain segment of the people, it is important to be qualified or get a certain level of education. She says, “Studies for me have always been a set of milestones that could help me achieve something higher than a regular job. I wanted to be a driving force that could help enthusiasts explore beyond the mechanical work.”

Detecvision- Her First Step towards Success

As Ruchi gave all her dedication towards acquiring knowledge, education did play an important role in the evolution of her own life. With such knowledge and experience she co-founded ‘Detecvision’ in 2009. Detecvision is one of the best Digital Agency in Delhi NCR offering a bouquet of Digital services like Customised web applications, Mobile applications, Digital marketing and Communication Design.

“Initially Detecvision was one tenth of workforce and almost a quarter of the office space we acquire at present. In the beginning things did not go as smoothly as desired, but gradually with the extremely efficient work culture, adamant professionals and a positive attitude, we were able to get ourselves back on track”, adds Ruchi. Being a curious soul herself, she decided to set an entrepreneurial career for herself with the intention to explore beyond the possibilities. The thought of not being able to give her best due to the restrictions of work culture always troubled her.
With that note, she wanted to provide an environment to the professionals which would help them grow enormously beyond imagination. “I believe if the workforce is well nurtured, one can achieve fabulous results. I moved forward with the intention to offer the best to the solution seekers, a state-of-the-art and future proof facility for my clients”, adds Ruchi.

“An entrepreneur becomes successful irrespective of its gender and respective of the hard work that the person is willing to put”

Ruchi believes in equality. She says that an entrepreneur becomes successful irrespective of its gender and respective of the hard work that the person is willing to put. Women are already equal to men, there is no need to stress on the term ‘women entrepreneur’ for it portrays that the society endows some special privileges for the women. Any person, who has talent and willingness to execute it, is capable of achieving everything. Thus, practicing what she believed, Ruchi has ensured that Detecvision recruits a bunch of resourceful and productive women employees, today who are capable of handling even the most complex projects on their own.

A woman with tremendous zeal power, Ruchi has acquired an expertise in myriad fields of technology. Starting off her career as a research analyst, climbing the ladder of success through Business development and challenging operational-technical roles in well known organizations, she holds an experience of more than a decade in this industry. Coordinating these experiences, she has been redefining the boundaries set by the IT professionals by building Detecvision.

Today, Ruchi is a successful entrepreneur and a person to look up to, not only for her family who has immensely supported her through out the journey, but also of this nation which is in every way encouraging the growth of women in all sectors of the industry. Expressing her views on being an entrepreneur she says, “I had a crystal clear goal in my life and was unwavering in my actions to achieve that. Academic exposure was beneficial for obvious reasons, but it was the vision for growth that led my way. I have always been a good listener and acting on the feedback helped me immensely in offering the best solutions to the clients.” She further notes, “Dedication is of utmost importance I believe. Even passion seems ambiguous, if one fails to uphold the inner dedication. Like every other entrepreneur, I had my own set of hurdles and difficulties, but I was prepared for them and fought my way to where I stand today diligently.”