Zeus Mentors: An Entrepreneur Who Found Opportunities in the Challenges

CIO Vendor Women from diverse back grounds these days are nurturing their passion, creativity and strengths to become successful entrepreneurs. They are not only excelling in their field but are also making a significant mark in the country’s economy with their innovative ideas. Sadhana Somasekhar, Founder Director, MD & CEO of Zeus Mentors is one such example of a successful entrepreneur who proves that it is possible to have an engaging and fulfilling life at work and outside of it, without compromising either.

A Bombay University graduate, Sadhana was keenly interested in Microbiology and Pathology; however, her love for research drew her towards the ‘human’ element of the work. The need to stay abreast of the technological advancements in microbiology and at the same time the desire to enhance her understanding on the automation or IT side of her work were sufficient factors which drove Sadhana towards the first transition of her life - into IT. “This was one of those life changing decisions, a fact I was not conscious of at that juncture". However, two and half years of studying IT had brought along a paradigm shift. "This decision has gone on to shape what I am today and what I do today”, avers Sadhana.

Sadhana, a very realistic role model for the crowd, during the debut of her entrepreneurial ventures, recognised & leveraged the opportunities and explored her capabilities as an individual. Today, she is a successful professional, a fact substantiated by several industry level recognitions and roles, such as being rewarded as ‘The Best Women Entrepreneur’ by D&B in their "Leading SMEs of India" awards, the NASSCOM Special Recognition Award for Innovation & contributions to its Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives, etc. As the classical personification of an achiever, she has been the recipient of many such reputed recognitions primarily based on her extraordinary out-of-the-box thinking, teamed with infectious passion and hard work. But as the cliche goes, ‘lasting success never comes easy’, Sadhana has encountered more than her fair share of various challenges and obstacles on her way through the corporate maze.
However, being a strong woman by nature, she has overcome them by viewing them as opportunities and catalyst for growth. I believe nothing adds more value to one’s character and evolution than the experience of facing and tackling challenges. It has definitely helped in developing an appreciable level of resilience in me. I owe almost everything I am today, to the lessons that generously paved my path. It has made everything so much more meaningful and precious. I cannot be more candid when I say such experiences and the serious lack of empathy at the workplace, have led me to my belief in the need for skilled helpers in the corporate world. This has been a significant influence to my role in the establishment of Zeus Mentors”, adds Sadhana. Speaking more about Zeus Mentors, Sadhana says, “Zeus Mentors is a start-up which carries with it over a 100 years in cumulative leadership experience. Our "product" built on the foundation of "giving back", empowers people to do magical things with themselves and ultimately make the world a better place. Our mission is to uniquely empower high performers to “do more.” Zeus has all the elements required: experience, quality, resources, and perseverance. Zeus has all four in abundance. And as its CEO, I cannot ask for a better foundation”.

Listen to your gut. Think with your head. Follow your heart.

Every person at Zeus, woman or man, has been a high-performing "Corporate Athlete," carving their way to leadership.

"I believe, irrespective of our gender we should find ways to be able to do the things we WANT to do in our lives and show-case our individual uniqueness. I recognize that I've been incredibly fortunate, in that, I’ve had incredible opportunities, great mentors, plenty of challenges, and amazing support. I am and will always be, really grateful for all of that. The understanding of our individual power to change our own life, the mind, or a circumstance has been a powerful insight and motivation for me which has led me to where I am today”, says Sadhana.

From being a reputed designation holder in several companies to her current profile as MD & CEO of Zeus, Sadhana continues to set an example for women, be it aspiring students, employed or entrepreneurs. No matter how developed a place, there will always be situations where women are compelled to compromise on their own dreams and be led to believe that they cannot be the decision makers or leaders. Women like Sadhana, with their passion & capability, are taking major steps forward in the disruption of such stereo types.