CS Direkt: Woman who made Magic Happen

CIO Vendor Women in the present day have been recognized as an indivisible part of the global struggle for a stable economy. Because in today's business environment, patience is the key to all the problems, and women inherently seem to have that quality in them. Their decisions are well thought, well analyzed, and well judged. Women entrepreneurship in India is an emerging concept and very crucial for the economic growth of the country. The gender gap between men and women has now narrowed. Earlier the mindset of people made them believe that business is meant only for men, but this stereotypical thinking has changed. One big example of this change is Anjali Pasricha, Director, CS Direkt. Anjali being a woman herself believes in providing equal opportunities to their employees based on their talent and expertise. “I strongly believe in ‘women empowerment’, hence I have been instrumental in creating an environment that is conducive for women. Event management, as CS Direkt deals with, is a demanding profession which requires long hours and frequent travel. I personally make efforts to ensure safety and security for all our staff including our women. We also assign them projects based on competency and gender equality which is practiced at all levels. Women are naturally good at multi tasking and so professions such as ours provide them ample scope for learning and growing”, avers Anjali.

Anjali having done her PGDM in Marketing and MBA in Economics from ‘Sri Ram College of Commerce’, she has a wide range of experience and knowledge of the business world. With her calibre and skills today CS Direkt have evolved from experiential marketing to interactive marketing with built and proven experiences across consulting, research, design, planning, production and flawless execution. CS Direkt takes pride in Anjali being the face of their company as she has taken the company to the level where it is one of the very few companies in this area of expertise who, believe in understanding business objectives and design experiences to achieve that goal and not in isolation as an ‘event’. She has not only brought the ‘brands alive’ but has also started living it.
The Woman behind it All

Anjali Pasricha has been proudly awarded the ‘Women Super Achiever Award’ in Marketing and Communication at the World Women Leadership Congress, in the year 2014. Though she believes in women empowerment, she also makes the fact clear that a woman should not demand any exceptions for being a woman and be ready to play on an equal field. She urges the women of this country to take the plunge and go for the opportunities.

“Women make natural leaders who can be tough and fearless with an appetite for risk taking”

Being an entrepreneur requires guts to get the glory. With the government and economy favouring start-ups, this is indeed the best time for anyone with a flair for business to take the plunge. With the determination and the dedication one can irrespective of their gender take a plunge in the industry. The field of marketing and communication sees more women playing pivotal roles as they naturally are better listeners, stronger leaders and naturally blessed with the art of multi tasking. Maybe it is for this reason why they find more opportunities and thrive better in this field. Marketing and Communication needs people who are creative on demand and adaptive to situations which suit women as their ecosystem equips them with these as life skills.

“We at CS Direkt believe in a culture where women are given responsible roles that are measurable and quantifiable. Women make natural leaders who can be tough and fearless with an appetite for risk taking. Having a higher emotional quotient helps them in building and maintaining client relationships thereby having a more loyal client base. Being passionate about balancing both personal as well as professional life, we are also armed with resources to ensure that women are able to deal with a healthy work life balance. We are moreover changing the way processes are followed and coming up with more and flexible work schedules that help build a conducive and friendly environment for both men and women”, concludes Anjali.