IVAR Consultants Pvt Ltd: Recruiting Skills & Breaking Stereotypes

CIO Vendor Finding a balance between professional and personal life can be a challenge for career-driven women. Entrepreneurs would plunge to pour their heart, soul, and every waking hour to their dream business entity. It naturally goes for every entrepreneur irrespective of their gender. But even today women are seen differently in some areas of the country. They are stereo typically believed to be home makers with little to do with economy or commerce. But this mind set needs to change. While several parts of the country believe women are doom for the business world, other halves believe them to be the blessings.Today, more and more women are taking up entrepreneurial activity especially in every aspect of the industry.

Hence, overcoming the myth that women cannot engage in productive employment needs, Vaishali Waware, contributing in the development of India, co-founded IVAR. She is a MBA with several years of experience in this industry. Therefore, utilizing the professional experience and with the desire to be economically independent she thought of setting up her own enterprise which is a leading recruitment firm specialized in Pharma, Life Sciences and Chemical industry in India. With her phenomenal ideas and dedication towards IVAR, today it has clients in more than 30 locations in India, USA, Middle East and South East Asia.

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as said. Deliberate choices do not guarantee complete control. One should remain sustained to the momentum during various challenges while staying connected to their families. A research says, there are five main mantras to a successful entrepreneurship; defining success for oneself, managing technology, building support networks at work and at home, traveling or relocating selectively, and collaborating with the partner. Vaishali, understanding the entire clause of being an entrepreneur and with her fascination towards the idea, where one can take decisions, make strategies for growth, execute them appropriately and also be responsible for its success or failure; have today made IVAR and herself a shining star in the industry.
Being a woman of principles, she not only facilitate recruitment of women in the organization, but also ensures IVAR encourages its women employees to take higher responsibilities in the organization, providing them adequate resources and training for the same.

“IVAR encourages its women employees to take higher responsibilities in the organization, providing them adequate resources and training for the same”

Vaishali is an inspiration for a lot of women in India;she has never let an opportunity slip out of her hands. With her years of experience in the corporate world and the soul motive to help people socially, she has also started leading an Internationally acclaimed workshop known as “Heal Your Life”. She is also an internationally certified “Life Coach” for which she has taken training in UK by heart Inspired Inc, USA.

An Example of Success

Managing IVAR and being the mother of two daughters have never been easy for her. Yet she has always taken the obstacles as the opportunity to build herself. Making the most of her talent, she has been the achiever of many awards in her professional as well as educational life. Whether the winner of “Student of the Year” award in school or being the face of IVAR which comes under top most Pharma companies as a Recruitment Consultant, she has always earned her achievements with her sheer hard work.

Being a phenomenal woman herself, Vaishali sets an example for every woman who wishes to be the master of their own dreams. However, being a message to the upcoming women entrepreneurs she avers, “Women are best suited for entrepreneurship. Women are god gifted with the ability to perform multi tasking, they have a strong gut feeling, they can sense things ahead of time, and they can manage interpersonal relations well and know how to balance things. I would suggest every woman to come out of age old shackles, take bold decisions, take risk, balance family and work and take a plunge to be an entrepreneur. Women have enormous potential as an entrepreneur, and with that we need to break the mindset of the society. Take responsibilities, make plans, get convinced with your ideas and execute it. Take the chance & follow your dreams.”