Clear maze: Delivering Value, Integrity and Service Excellence

CIO Vendor An increase of women in public sector results in increasing the level of equality in the nation and also contributes in increasing confidence in national governments. Figures show that the increased presence of women as IAS, IRS officer or cabinet ministers is associated with a rise in the public health spending across many countries. Empowering and encouraging women to participate in the public sphere is essential. Therefore, gender diversity in public institutions is particularly crucial, given that these decision making bodies create the rules that affect people’s rights, behaviors and life choices.

It is believed that women face a lot of structural, legal and social barriers to their empowerment in public sector; lack of visibility and uneven work-life balance arrangements make it especially hard for women to be active in economic and political life. Maya Sinha, in spite of knowing the harsh reality of this sector and with the intention to change the mindset of the people, appeared for Civil Services Examination (UPSC) in 1980 and placed herself in the income tax department as the IRS Officer. She worked with the government sector for almost 29 years after which in 2010 she started her own consulting firm. She wanted to start something of her own, something that is different from what she had been doing for the past 29 years and this led her to set up Clear maze. Clear maze is Public Private Partnership (PPP) specialists who help their clients facilitate their entry into PPP projects. They handle their clients from the conception stage, to carrying out feasibility studies, assistance in bid process stage, and execution by assisting in meeting of various regulatory compliances.

Being the Incredible Woman

Maya Sinha apart from being a former Indian Revenue Service Officer with over 30 years of professional experience, she was Executive Director at Core Education and Technologies. During her tenure of three years at Core, she was successfully able to set up its business in India and helped it grow from scratch to Rs 1,100 crore. Prior to joining Core, she was Deputy Chirman, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), the largest container port of India. During her tenure she successfully pioneered PPP projects in ports in India.
As part of IRS, she worked in various capacities – Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Additional Commissioner and Commissioner in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Nagpur.

The Clear maze Journey

Maya Sinha, being an enormously hard working woman, is undoubtedly the most valuable asset of Clear maze. She with her team overcoming the various obstacles coming in their way has worked with the system understanding the process and the systems thoroughly. It was her un matchable effort and experience that led Clear maze to reach this height of success today. When asked about giving suggestions for the upcoming women entrepreneurs, she says, “A woman should always be as practical as possible in the decisions that she makes regarding her career. Irrespective of being married or not, she should always learn the mantra to balance both her personal as well as professional life. They should never give up on their dreams and desires for the sake of the other aspect of their lives.”

“Whether an entrepreneur is a man or a woman, success comes to those who believe in leading their lives in discipline”

Maya is not only an inspiration for women entrepreneurs of the country, but also an inspiration for all the single mothers who have struggled to bring back their life together. She says, “A woman is capable of performing better than the society thinks she can, for which she needs to strong enough to face various obstacles that would undoubtedly come her way. To discharge the duties of both a home maker and a professional, she needs to be physically fit and clear on her priorities. I have personally been lucky enough to have a family who supported every decision of my professional career for which I have been able to strive successfully through out these 35 years of my career.” According to Maya, in such a people oriented industry, there is a huge scope for the women of the nation. Women are more skilled at communicating and handling trouble some situations practically, whether it is about the clients, public or the government.

In course of her journey, serving the nation whether as a bureaucrat or as a consultant, she has taught a lot to not only the women but also to the men entrepreneurs of the industry. She does not believe in the term “women entrepreneur” because she does not want women to be seen as a special category. Whether an entrepreneur is a man or a woman, success comes to those who believe in leading their lives in discipline. Maya is an extraordinary woman who is able to separate wheat from the chaff efficiently. Her passion and dedication towards her work has made her today this successful. She is a woman of honesty and that is what defines her.