Horizon Services: Aiding Companies Become Environment Friendly

CIO Vendor The escalating pace of developmental activities and continuous shift from rural to urban areas has resulted in increasing pollution in various environmental media. This phenomenon is evident from the deteriorating air and water quality, higher noise levels, alarming rate of industrial pollution, etc. Although some environmental pollution is a result of natural causes, most pollution is caused by industries and factories and this is why it is imperative to take prompt actions for the mitigation of industrial pollution. With the motive to help companies become environment friendly and to address the urgent issues of environmental concern, Horizon Services entered the industry solutions for pollution management in 1993. Headquartered in Pune, this pollution consultant company provides immediate awareness and solutions to the companies for reversing the trend of increasing pollution.

Since its inception, the company has been providing all the types of environmental services including installation, maintenance, controlling and monitoring services to its clients such as environmental impact assessment service, environmental laboratory service, air pollution monitoring, pollution control equipment, water pollution control equipment and others with all the equipment needed for these services. Horizon undertakes analysis of influents, trade effluents, domestic water from soak pits, RO Inlet, Boiler blow -down, Air handling units, Cooling Towers, Softener plants,etc. Manisha Nargolkar, Director of Horizon services further elaborates, “We are also into oil testing; hazardous waste testing, food testing and we also engage in different kind of credibility testing needed for treatment plant –sewage, water or waste treatment plant.
Along with that, we also supply different kinds of chemicals required for STP and ETP.” Being a one stop shop solution provider, it also renders legal services to its clients, such as MPCB liasoning, consents & environmental statements and other compliance of MPCB.

“Today, Hoizon services holds 2000 sq feet of well equipped office, about 2000 sq feet of well equipped lab and all software and hardware facilities under one roof”

Starting a business with just two members, lack of resources and 550 sq feet of small area was not an easy task for the founders. Additionally, convincing clients also became a major hindrance in the path of the company’s evolution. But during the years, Horizon has evolved drastically with a team of skilful and experienced members and being spread over 2000 square feet decked up with latest technology and advance machinery..

Manisha explains, “We never compromise on quality as we just cannot afford to do that. We are an NABL-17025(chemical field) certified company and our laboratories are also certified by the Ministry of environment and forests.” Simultaneously, Horizon commits it self to enhance customer satisfaction by providing cost effective and timely services which is clearly depicted by its long list of national as well as multinational clients. Although, it has established biological testing labs, it envisions expanding it on a large scale. At present, the company is providing 100 customized solutions to its clients and in terms recognition, it is further looking forward to get FDA approval. Along with this, Horizon is also set to gain NABET accreditation and play a pivotal role in driving meaningful business outcomes. Hoizon sevices would shortly getting PTP(proficiency testing provider)NABL-17043 accreditation in the field of AIR, WATER, SOIL which will be first o its kind in India.