Helios Infrapro: Addressing India's Air Pollution Control Needs

CIO Vendor Of the World’s Top 20 polluted cities, 13 are in India! Air pollution slashes life expectancy by 3.2 years for the 660 million Indians who live in cities, including Delhi. The Environmental Performance Index 2014, generated by researchers at Yale University in the US, has bracketed India among the ‘bottom performers’ on several indicators such as environmental health impact, air quality, water and sanitation. All pointers indicate towards an Environmental crisis waiting to happen and it would not be wrong to suggest rapid unplanned industrialization has played a massive part in it. Latelysince the turn of the decade, to negate the ill effects of environmental pollution numerous pollution control companies have taken shape and one of them is Helios Infrapro.

Founded in 2008, Helios Infrapro attempts to strike a fine balance between professional ambition and passionate care for the degrading health of the environment. “When we take up a project for any industry, for us the end client is not the company who has entrusted the project on us. We consider the common people living around these industries as our real clients. They are the ones whose need for fresh air is our end product and focus. This passion and ideal lead to the birth of Helios Infrapro,” says Nikunj Aggarwal, Director, Helios Infrapro. Though the firm focuses primarily on air pollution control products, it acts as a one-stop solution for all things Pollution (ESP). With an array of services at their disposal, Helios Infrapro has elevated itself to a league of its own and has become a dependable household name in the air pollution control sector. The firm’s products & services are categorically divided into four main categories viz.
Electrostatic Precipitators, where they undertake supply and service of Collecting Electrodes, Gas Distribution screens, Insulators, Condition analysis ESP etc. Helios also develops and renders Power plant items and other O&M Spares & Equipments like Air & Refrigeration compressor, Pneumatic tools & accessories, Diesel Locomotives which are also cost-effective. For operational and maintenance purposes, the firm offers Ceramic Lined Coal Bends, Forged Shafts, Speed reducer gear box and others.

“Founded in 2008, Helios Infrapro attempts to strike a fine balance between professional ambition and passionate care for the degrading health of the environment”

The Kolkata based firm strives to train and enhance plant engineers for better O&M of ESP to run the equipments at the optimum level with provision of regular inspection, diagnosis and performance checks of health of Mechanical & Electrical aspects of ESP. Additionally, their greater expertise in manufacture and supply of performance, raw material, workmanship and the undivided attention it serves to the clients keeps them always ahead of the curve. Helios with its proactive approach, ‘Customer First’ attitude, and in-depth knowledge of the domain guarantees quality and therefore attracts repeat orders. Therefore, it is not surprising that many reputed businesses have thriving relationships with Helios, some of them being The Aditya Birla Group, TATA Group, Reliance, JSW Ltd, Adani Group in various sectors like Iron & Steel, Cement, Power, Chemical, Bio Mass etc. Over the seven years of being in the pollution control industry, Helios has executed more than 500 orders for ESP services and industrial applications, specifically power plants. The company has also managed to develop indigenous parts and services for Chinese ESPs whose market in the Indian industry is growing by the day. Helios looks forward to focus its resources in the ESP upgrade market and meet emission control norms in the next 2-3 years.