MANTEC Consultants: Delivering Excellent Services in a Cost Effective Manner

CIO Vendor Today consultants are an important part of our business ecosystem owing to the guidance that they provide to businesses. To increase the competitiveness and professionalism of a business in the market, there are various consultants in the market to offer services in various sectors. But this was not the same in 1970’s when there were various industries mushrooming in India and the need for consultants was at peak. At that time, there was a dire need for consultants in the field of environment, projects, recruitment and IT, who could offer comprehensive services to help businesses. Realising the need of the clients and the condition of the market at that time, Arvinder Brara established MANTEC Consultants in 1979. Being a pioneer in the consulting industry, MANTEC offers both management as well as technical services under one roof.

MANTEC understands that in the recent times industries have contributed significantly to India’s economic growth and development, but the increase in pollution affecting land, water, air, noise and resulting degradation of environment that they have caused, cannot be overlooked. To avoid environmental pollution and further degradation, it provides a complete range of environmental services with an in-house team of expert professionals and associates. Apart from providing robust environmental solutions, the company also follows ethical values and assists its clients in encouraging them to be compliant in a cost effective manner. Arvinder Brara, Chairman & MD, MANTEC, elaborates “The broad range of services offered by us also includes executive search and selection, tailor made training programmes for both in company and outside participants.”

“Apart from providing robust Environmental solutions, MANTEC Consultants also follows ethical values and assists its clients in encouraging them to be compliant in a cost effective manner”

Currently, MANTEC is a technical associate of many reputed international organisations including Lockheed Martin, Kepner Plastic, Alder and Allan Group etc and it undertakes assignments in bringing new technological services to India and to other countries . Under its IT division, the company delivers cutting–edge technology solutions to its international clients. It also assists its American clients to develop software, websites and provide technical and customer care support to the US companies. Delivering cost effective services to its clients and commitment to excellence has been the highest priority of MANTEC ensuring customer satisfaction. MANTEC has carried out a number of assignments both in India & abroad including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Africa, Europe and US for international agencies, Governments, private Organisations, the Public sector under takings. Mantec has got appreciations from clients like UNIDO, The World Bank, European Commission and various International Organisations. “It is a matter of great pride for us that the former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Tejendra Khanna and Dr Kiran Bedi encouraged us to make a project report for the environmental management plan for Delhi which was funded by William Melton, President and CEO of Cyber crash Inc considering our quality of services” and this helped the Environment of Delhi at that time Mr Brara expounds.

Further, MANTEC envisions becoming one of the most reliable and knowledgeable consulting companies in the world by enhancing its human resources in pollution control and environment, HRD, Project and IT divisions. So far, it has been a successful one stop shop solution provider and continues to improve in being the only company which provides services under one roof for HRD, Projects, IT and Environment. Going forward, the company plans to strengthen its core divisions with greater competence and adopting international practices.