Daksha Greentech International: Rendering Effective Water Pollution Control Solutions

CIO Vendor A company with total commitment to quality and Service with prime emphasis on ‘Environmental Protection’ Water is elixir of LIFE”. Saving this scarce resource is prime responsibility of all. The sooner the awareness of environmental protection is spread globally, better the chances that we can collectively arrive at a solution, for a crisis lurking just around the corner. With the growing rate of industrialization and urbanization the demand for a remedial action has become critical. Working towards this objective is Daksha Greentech International, an out and out pollution control firm fully focused on providing world-class services to curb environmental pollution by adopting “Recycle & Reuse” policy.

Incepted in 2011, the firm has made long strides in the pollution control sector with its concentrated effort in cleansing the water we consume and discharge. Shivaram N. Hegde, Chairman & Technical Consultant, with his vast experience in the waste treatment industry says, “Daksha Greentech International was established with the motive of providing cost effective pollution control solutions for waste water & organic solids and protecting ground water table. This approach has yielded favorable results for the firm thus far. Some of the other factors that have lead to Daksha Green being ahead of the curve is its well-equipped and better-experienced team who are well capable in installation, commissioning and maintaining of STP & ETP. The firm has an in-house training system for its service team to improve their technical skill and carrier development in the customer service. He also says the communication plays a significant role in long lasting client relationships.

The five year old company provides a range of services to this noble cause and also lends a hand to an infantile industry which Shivaram Hegde believes has ‘huge potential’.
Its services and provision of equipments include designing, supply, installation and commissioning of water softeners, pressure filters, DM plants, disinfection systems, reverse osmosis plants, ultra filtration plants, packaged drinking water projects, & biogas systems. The firm has established itself as a premier player in the water & wastewater treatment segment by providing customized solution at reasonable cost to its valued & trusted customers.

“Daksha Greentech has established itself as a premier player in the water & wastewater treatment segment by providing customized solution at reasonable cost to its valued & trusted customers”

Daksha Greentech International maintains a high level of quality & timely services to its customer’s satisfaction. Shivaram Hegde elaborates, “Daksha Greentech International “being an ISO9001-2008 certified firm strictly adheres to its Quality Policy during selection of materials for production to match international standards. We conform to ethical business standards to render maximum satisfaction to our valued clients. Moreover, by adopting emerging latest technologies in water & waste water treatment market, we are able to provide products at reasonable prices.”

The Bangalore-based firm is strongly focusing on sparking a change in the society by developing environment friendly solutions and spreading awareness about the dire effects of wasting the scarce resource “WATER” in the rapid industrialization scenario. Daksha Greentech’s Family & Commercial Biogas plants generate energy out of the garbage, which can be used for thermal applications and power generation. There by contributing a bit to reduce global warming.Daksha Greengroup’s commitment to pollution control has landed reputed clients like TATA Constructions, Mantri Developers,Jindal Aluminium, Sutures India, Amphenol Interconnect, Monsanto Holding, NCC, BGS Global, OPEC Hospital, etc.