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Global C: Integrating Architecture and Project Management with Élan

CIO Vendor Entrepreneurship is a tough nut to crack. Considering that an entrepreneur is the one, who has to usher in innovations in an otherwise traditional industry, demands skills such as business acumen, risk appetite and the ability to go through ups and downs that may befall on the way. The journey of Global C and its founders, the Moudgil brothers tells a tale of the duo building a project management company in a time and place where the concept was unheard of. Gaurav Moudgil, a Structural Engineer from the University of California, Berkeley founded Global C, a project management company in 2005 with his brother Aman Moudgil, Associate Partner; with a combined vision to integrate all phases of the development cycle right from conceptualization to final commissioning in which objectives of pre-construction, architectural planning & design, construction and occupancy are completed and presented as a whole package of project management service.

Global C had a modest start to its journey with initial projects being residential ones such as Group housing, Multi-storied integrated townships branching out to more diverse verticals. The organization now specializes in delivering strategic consulting services which involve Business Plan Formulation, Investment strategy, financial modeling, Market research, Land valuation & Due Diligence plus it offers Structural engineering and software solutions helping to monitor the project on a day-to-day basis.

The journey of Global C and its founders, the Moudgil brothers tells a tale of the duo building a project management company in a time and place where the concept was unheard of

Drawing inspiration and being mentored by their father, who worked as a Director for EIL, the Moudgil brothers have brought Global C to great heights of success. The company now boasts of having worked with industry leaders such as Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Several Blue Chip corporate offices, Multi Super Specialty Hospitals, Wipro Data Centre, renovation of American embassy, etc. However, the path to success was not an easy one filled up with challenges of limited resources, eligibility to opportunities & intense competition.

Global C surpassed all of it with what Aman Moudgil calls “Right kind of skill set”. The skill set referred to is the macro and micro-management of every detail concerned to a project such as coordinating cash flow, managing the timeline, monitoring the team onsite, quality control & assurance etc. In addition to these, engineering services like Electrical systems, Plumbing, Fire fighting, and expertise in domains like Oil & Gas, Water management, Medical equipments & services, Industrial designing & Mobility solutions helped Global C to command a project effectively and efficiently.

The Gurgaon-based company being an established entity in sectors like retail, healthcare, government set-ups, diplomatic missions, industrial infrastructure, waste management, education, energy, and cinemas & auditoriums now seeks to venture out into further different vectors in partnership with architectural & consulting companies from Spain and Maldives, targeting luxury projects like Resorts & Hotels with their sights also on Oil & Gas industry, Railways, Infrastructure and Power transmission projects.