Fairwood PMC: An Innovative and Proactive Approach to Project Management

CIO Vendor Project Management is a vital part of the current real-estate / industrial eco-system. This fact is reinstated with one look at the pace of the urbanization and industrial revolution taking place around us, be it in the daily lives of people or at an economically relevant influential level of product and services based industries. To maintain this progress moving further into the 21st century, project management, a concept unheard of 20 years back, is a much needed brick in the wall today. Fairwood Project Management Company (Fairwood PMC) a subsidiary of the larger Fairwood Group was born out of this same necessity.

The company started as a consulting firm in the aviation sector but soon converted itself into a full blown consultancy in the architectural design, engineering design and project management sector. The Fairwood Group established in 1991 by Brijvir Saran Das has acquired a lofty status in the project management industry with an array of quality services in its kitty viz. design management, project management & supervision, procurement assessment, project review & audit, value engineering, green building consulting and technical due diligence.

The 24-year old Fairwood Group, assessing the need for a separate entity for project management, founded Fairwood in 2008 whose primary function would be to cater to the needs of the industry exclusively. Over the course of eight years, the firm has added a variety of capabilities to its already burgeoning repertoire, like Tender Management, Construction Management, QS and Cost Management & Control, Time Management, Risk & Safety Management, Project Control System etc. The company exhibits its services in diverse areas such as healthcare, commercial/IT, industrial, residential, infrastructure and many more.

The Noida-based company has progressed immensely with their turnover reaching 23 crores in the last financial year distinctly ahead from a 2 crores in the first year of its inception.

Nitin Kumar, CEO, Fairwood PMC and who has been associated with the parent organization since 1999 says, “Fairwood PMC aims to become a leading global player in the project management and consulting services domain by adopting sustainable solutions and technologies by participating in urbanization on a large scale. The firms’ mission is to form joint ventures and partner relations to get access to State of the Art processes, technologies etc across the world and make it available to our esteemed clients.”

The Noida-based company has progressed immensely with their turnover reaching 23 crores in the last financial year distinctly ahead from a 2 crores in the first year of its inception. It has added reputed clients like Godrej Properties, Fort is Hospitals, TATA, The Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, IL&FS, etc in its clientele. The company has come to be known as a high-rise specialist in the industry with a 330 feet high ISKCON temple in the offing in Vrindavan, the tallest religious structure in the world. The Kohinoor Square, the tallest mixed use development with 203 m commercial tower and 140 m residential tower, Nathani Height, one of the tallest residential tower, etc. These achievements have become possible due to the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality service in India’s civil engineering sector and by applying their in-depth knowledge and professional expertise in various aspects of program management while never compromising on time, safety and the budget. Fairwood PMC now intends to expand its operations down South by establishing an office either in Bangalore or Chennai then venture to the East specifically Kolkata. The company also plans to venture into government infrastructure projects such as roads, dams, bridges, water, power plants etc. in the years to come.