RASS Project Consultants: A Collaborative Approach to Project Management

CIO Vendor Rome was not built in a day and neither is any other structure. Constructing structures requires time, investment and a perfect collaboration between the various parties working together in the process. This has given a rise to the need for expert project management services which can ensure that the project meets the deadlines, quality, productivity and keeps every stakeholder on the same page. With the wheels of development being put into motion in India, the country is witnessing the onset of various infrastructure projects. This has also propelled a rise in the need for project management services across the country. The Indian project management space is dominated by MNCs as companies find it easier to put their trust in well known names. Although these large organizations bring with them the brand name but the way they function leaves a lot to be desired. With a major emphasis on paper work, the services of these MNCs lack the personal touch that a project requires. Construction is a labour intensive process where issues crop up at the ground level. Such situations require the intervention of project managers who are well versed with the local market requirements. A Pune based, ‘RASS project Consultants Pvt. Ltd’ specializes in rendering a personal touch to construction projects with their expertise in project management services through out India.

“While conducting our research before founding RASS, we found that the multinational companies are more methodical and paper oriented. To counter this we trained our people in a way that they can tackle any problem in the deepest manner. Our team understands the problem and provides solutions along with documentations. Our motto is to work as a true partner with our customers,” says Anil Hinge, Director of RASS Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded to meet the increasing demand for responsive, cost-effective, quality, project management services for construction projects in various sectors. RASS takes a collaborative approach to project management and ensures that all of their engineers treat a client’s project as their own and render services with complete commitment.

How It All Began

The organization is a demerger of Archivista Engineering Projects Pvt Ltd, a seasoned architectural and design engineering consultant who were initially also providing project management consulting services. As Design Engineering services are rendered off-site while project management is very much an on-site service. Similarly, the nature of design and project management services is entirely different. Hence, Anil Hinge, who worked with the organization for over a decade, proposed the idea to initiate a separate entity of PMC division within the organization to render project management services. After functioning as a PMC division successfully for about three years, considering Construction market demand and trend, RASS was founded as an Independent Private Limited Organization few years back. There has been so looking back since as the organization has delivered over 52 projects across India successfully in last 3 years.

Recently, RASS has been awarded as ‘Best Project Management Consultant Of The Year 2015-16’ Award by BERG (Business Excellence & Research Group Pvt. Ltd.), Singapore at the Icon of Spaces, 2016 conclave at Singapore.

The company’s major service can be described as providing overall coordination for a project which includes each and every vendor, contractor and consultant working on a project. Time management is another major facet that the company focuses on. It starts by preparing a master schedule for the project and tracking the development from time to time based on the resources available and as per client’s requirements. The company also provides cost management, quality management, health & safety management, value engineering, change management and risk management.

The company has also worked with major clients including Volkswagen, General Motors, Forbes Marshall, Dolher India, Watson pharmaceuticals, Mahindra & Mahindra, Temple Packaging, Bobst India, INOX Air Products, Gera Developers and Holtec Asia to name a few. The company is also known for retaining clients and receives ample repeat business through previous clients. “This just speaks volumes about the quality of services that we provide to our clients,” reiterates Anil. Further he expressed his sincere gratitude to Mr. Ravindra Joshi, Mr. Sanjay Rode and Mr. Shriram Joshi for their continuous support and guidance in progress of the Organisation.

“RASS takes a collaborative approach to project management and ensures that all of their engineers treat a client’s project as their own and render services with complete commitment”

Addressing the Nitty-Grittys of Construction

Building a clientele of major names from across industry verticals is not an easy feat to achieve yet; RASS services have helped the company reach one milestone after the other. What also helps the company is the unique approach it takes to delivering project management services. “Construction quality depends on the involvement and understanding of the project,” explains Anil. Being an Indian company, RASS is well aware about the Indian market situation, material and labour rates. Therefore the company is able to evaluate the project budget, track and control the cost throughout the project.

The company also takes safety measures very seriously and thus has qualified safety engineers on board for every project. “Nowadays most of the workers deny following the safety rules. For this, we have developed a system to announce a good follower of safety worker prize every month. We motivate the workers by giving awards so that they willingly follow the safety rules,” says Anil.

Another critical facet that makes RASS’ services work well is that the organization makes sure that its project managers understand and adjust with the employees of the client organization. “Different organizations comprise of different people and have different work systems. We ensure that our engineers adhere to our client’s style of working to make every project a smooth experience,” adds Anil. Additionally the company also acknowledges the internal organizational system of the client because it is important to understand who is the heading the project, who has the power of the project and who has the authority to approve things. RASS makes an effort to understand the organizational structure of the client and then works accordingly.

One of the most important challenges faced by PMC is to obtain the approvals from the various stakeholders such as architectural consultants, designers, electrical consultants, mechanical consultants etc. RASS therefore makes an effort to track the schedule and follow each and every agency involved in the project. The company also struggles with obtaining the client’s approval.“Most of the time on a corporate level, obtaining the decision from the client on time is a challenging task. Finally, PMC is solely responsible for timely completion of the project,” Anil explains. RASS makes sure to take these challenges into consideration so as to meet the deadlines while working on any project. The company understands and follows a client’s working methodology to ensure efficiency and complete visibility for all stakeholders.

Anil believes that in the service industry, any company’s most critical asset is its manpower. “Our experienced team that has been associated with us for over 15-20 years, is our main asset. It is our onsite team engineers who hold the fort down and deliver the services,” he adds proudly. The company spends time and energy in developing a team spirit in each and every member along with educating each and every member. The company also inculcates a sense of ownership in its project managers so that they work efficiently and whole heartedly.

Making Best Use of Market Scenario

With the Indian economy booming, the country is home to several infrastructure projects being initiated by the government. Also, the interest of MNCs towards inviting in India has increased over the past few years and as a consequence the country has been home to several international projects. The market requires experts who are capable of executing these critical projects. The RASS team has not roaring to go ahead and widen their horizons to tap into these upcoming opportunities. Recently, RASS Project Consultants was awarded as the “Project Consultant of the year” Award by Business Excellence & Research Group Pvt Ltd, Singapore at the Icons of Spaces, 2016 conclave at Singapore. “We have been more focused on industrial buildings so far but in the years to come, the company is looking to tap into other emerging markets. We are going to have a separate wing to focus on government projects,” elaborates Anil. The organization is also putting a focus on building a separate team to focus on the burgeoning residential market. “Today’s customers have become very aware and expect builders to be professional and maintain quality. We believe that our company has the expertise to help our clients (builders) become more responsible and professional,” adds Anil. With a clearly etched out plan for future, RASS is definitely moving in the right direction. Given the company’s collaborative hands on approach and strong team of engineers and project managers, the company is sure to win over every segment that it sets foot in.