SNic India: Integrating Technology with Industrial Engineering and Management to Deliver Superlative

CIO Vendor An entrepreneur usually needs deep market insight and an understanding of a gaping need of the industry to build a successful consulting firm. This is exactly what Nikhil Kumar Joshi did while he found SNic India, an Industrial Engineering (IE) and Management Consulting firm right after his under graduation.The limiting reach of Industrial Engineering science in India became an important reason for him to initiate the firm back in 2006.The firm came into being with a primary focus on disruptive transformation and execution of IE.

Overcoming a plethora of challenges, the 22 year old entrepreneur persisted through the tough times to build a leading professional services firm headquartered at Bengaluru. “One of the major challenges we faced initially was to convince organizations to overcome their reluctance to embrace new technologies.These organizations were familiar with the varied factors affecting productivity but mostly failed to commit to the objectives or even sometimes just understand the ways to execute and realize the untapped potential in their specific sector, be it manufacturing, distribution, infrastructure or services,” explains Nikhil. But, the situation became better once SNic Engineered successful pilots, generated opportunities and delivered results using technological interventions.
Clients of SNic India have achieved productivity improvement in the 5M’s (Man, Machines, Methods, Material, and Metrics) using IE solutions, On-Time Delivery Improvement with Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Strategy&Capex validations using Simulation& Analytics and Transport Cost reduction using Supply Chain Optimization Solutions.Nikhil says, “We focused on integrating decision sciences with technology. To be disruptive and not do things in the way it was being done in the 20th Century.”Focusing on the 5 M’s using IE techniques combined with simulation has allowed SNic India to show what organizations are capable of and also allowed them to get Buy-In from all stakeholders crucial for execution and sustenance.

The firm has dedicated itself since inception to bringing awareness on Simulation Modelling & Analytics for it provides security on Investments to organizations at Green field and Brownfield Stages enabling them to carry out experiments on the computer instead of the real world and take accurate decisions faster.The firm’s initial IE projects especially in manufacturing gave an understanding that Planning & Scheduling was the nervous system of any organization if it were to “Sustain” Continuous Improvements done. This is where Engineers at SNic India focuses on Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions that aid in bringing visibility & transparency across functions particularly helping organizations struggling to sustain Lean Manufacturing Improvements.These solutions based on quantitative models, analytics, computer based tools and research can be vital contributors in bringing about a positive change in any organizational culture.
The company’s integrated approach and performance driven services have created a huge impact. A long list of satisfied clients including large corporations and SMEs is testament to the company’s expertise.
The firm was awarded the Global Best case study of the year by Preactor – A Siemens Company in 2014 for Implementing Preactor Solutions at a filter plate manufacturer which saved the SME client $1.5 Million. The company has been growing consistently at 80 – 100 % YOY. Going forward, the firm has just started its new vertical of Supply Chain Optimization, is exploring new bases in Delhi and Mumbai, building its first product in workforce optimization and planning to strengthen its existing international practice.“Our integrity, passion for IE and disruptive thinking are our biggest strengths that have helped us immensely to carve out best solutions for clients,” concludes Nikhil.