Shiva Consulting Group:Providing Technology Based Solutions acrossDiverse Sectors

CIO Vendor Consulting in today’s fast-paced business world encompasses a diverse range of subjects and explores new ideas and solutions to help organizations transform. Also, in the wake of increasing business complexities, a positive outlook towards change is important for any organization.SHIVA Consultancy Group examining this critical need for change, ventured to help Agribusiness, Farming, Mining, Textiles, Environment, Power & Energy companies by imparting need based professional advisories on Management aspects such as finance, marketing, hr, project management, environmental planning, project formulation and execution.Founded in 2008, the company has led for the front in developing knowledge and value to create a space for consulting in India’s farming services, agribusiness services, dairy and food processing units, Mining Consultancy Services, Environmental Consultancy Services and Energy Consulting Services.Rakesh Jha, Co- founder&Chief Executive Officer of Shiva Consulting Group says, “In the areas where we work, the role of consultancy was unknown to people and underestimated by MSMEs. It’s only now that people are starting to realize its potential.”
The company’s operations turned out to be financially unsuccessful in the first two and half years. Showing exemplary resilience, the team worked its way through this difficult phase. The company sustainedits innovative ideas and developed a whole range of technology based solutions.
Shiva Consultancy Group’s various affiliates then took the centre stage, performing astute technical services through a series of quality products.Four Wings of Shiva Consultancy Group are Management Consultancy Division providing Evaluation & Monitoring Services, Audit & Accounting services, Techno Economic Viability Study and Market Feasibility study.
Second Division Techno-Commercial Consultancy provides expertise in Mining, Textile, Agriculture & Horticulture Value Chain, Energy &Power,Food Processing,Farming(Protected & Open land)and Biotechnology & Tissue Culture Segments.Third division is Support Assistance Business and Facilitation Services(SABAFS) looking for business support and facilitation services like registration, licensing requirements, legal documentation etc. The Innovative Project Division has developed the concepts like Drishti Farm to Fork Club, Drishti Agri preneurs club, MSME Club and Miners Club along with Farm Fresh Emall a web and android based portal for information to farmers.

The Shiva Agribusiness Services (SAS), a part of Shiva Consulting Group has been providing excellent services to farmers and rural business Shiva Financial Advisory (SFA) is dedicated division of group imparting cutting edge solution to Entrepreneurs in Fund Raising ,Financial Management, Account & Audit etc. Shiva Training Academy (STA) is dedicated to impart on job and professional practical training on Agribusiness, Farming, Management, Marketing, Finance, statutory and Mining sectors across India.Shiva Management Solution, another wing of Shiva Consulting Group is comprised of experts working at all levels from high-level conceptual studies to detailed feasibility studies and implementation plans on both Greenfield and existing operations.

The team at Shiva Consultancy Group is the backbone of the enterprise. The company has a range of consultants who specialize in most aspects of Indian farming and agriculture, Mining, Environment, Engineering & Technology, Finance and Management. With experts from all sectors, Shiva Consulting Group leaps ahead of others as a one stop destination where customers get advisory on finance, strategies, technology, marketing and policies in a single place.Today, the group has a turnover of four crore and 15 lakhs. The company is establishing five full-fledged laboratories in Gujarat, laboratories for environment, mining, food testing, and soil and water testing.With huge cluster of resources available, Shiva Consultancy Group is growing into a unique leader in this extremely important segment of consulting.