Terragni Consulting:Uniquely Enhancing value from two key Assets-Your People and your Customers

CIO Vendor Every organization enters the market with an objective of implementing its strategies to their best abilities. The profitable growth that they want to achieve is dependent on how their products and services gain momentum ahead of competition. However, companies often fail to develop the two key aspects needed for accelerating growth i.e. employee assets and managing the customer experience. Employees and customers have always been the strongest assets for an enterprise. To have these assets deliver optimally is often a challenge. Terragni Consulting focused uniquely into people consulting and customer consulting addresses these two challenges and helps companies build a competitive edge.Anil V. Pillai, Director, says,“The gaps in the growth approach of organizations were increasingly evident. Hence we saw the need for an advisory and implementation service that actually focuses on how to leverage values out of these two key assets.” Founded in 2009, the company caters to a diverse range of solutions in the people and customer consulting space, keeping its unique approach in the critical aspect of managing a workforce and managing the ultimate resource of organizations- its customers.

The company’s journey to grab a foothold in the industry was not easy as the company had to deal with several challenges. Initially organizations were focused only on functional and operational areas. Therefore, the advantage that such organizations accrued was short term or at the best medium term.As a case in point,Terragni Consulting’s Customer Consulting practice, owing to its customer experience model created a competitive differentiators helping these companies go beyond the usual marketing standards of price, product and reach.Similar models have been developed and deployed for People competencies and retention.Anil says, “The basic premise of what we offer to our clients is how to build a competitive differentiation from your competitors on the basis of either enhancing the value from your People Assets or from your Customer Assets.”With an insightful and vastly experienced team, the company’s customer consulting team has perfected the customer value model and now delivers services based on three important frameworks i.e. customer experience strategy,customer insight and customer centri city.

Similarly, in terms of people consulting, the company drives employees’ performance through its featured services. Their offerings include executive search, competency mapping and definitions and coaching.The consulting company captures the dynamics of these concepts in the most efficient way, thereby getting employees competencies to be scaled up and transforming them into valuable assets.

The company uniquely adds value and deploys result oriented planning through its structured and rigorously designed consulting models. The company won Asia’s best customer experience award in 2014 on behalf of their client the ADAG group. The acquisition of MNCs clients who are establishing base in India andan expanding client base in Singapore are the other important recognitions aimed by the organization.Terragni Consulting focuses on the engineering industry, retail, financial services, telecom and healthcare. Anil says, “We continually strengthen our frameworks to ensure that what we advise actually gets implemented and that customers see tangible business results, after all this is what will drive repeat customers for us, this is a key and constant endeavor.”