Protune Consulting: Building Optimized, Improvised and Organized Services

CIO Vendor Be it an established conglomerate or a fledgling start-up, investors and management seek third party assurance on internal controls and governance mechanisms within a company. What was typically a western concept adopted largely by MNCs, has now found its way into the domestic landscape. Companies Act 2013 reinforces this principle and compulsarily enforces internal control mechanisms within a company. Eyeing the huge opportunity in this niche area, where very few new companies focus, Sourabh Jain and Satej Salviin cubated Protune Consulting, a management consulting firm providing customized risk based process consulting solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company was founded with the vision to enable businesses achieve their real potential through operational excellence.

Staying true to the company’s tagline ‘Optimize, Improvise and Organize’,Protune provides best in class consulting solutions across different industry sectors.. Being a boutique consulting firm, it renders services based on industry best practices, offering cost effective solutions to achieve business objectives. The company provides focused and customized services such as internal audit & risk consulting, cost optimization, data analytics, management support & outsourcing, procedure and policy development among many others..
Apart from improving the performance and effectiveness of processes, these services also help clients in managing operational risks, maintaining the governance standards and preventing the companies from being exposed to fraud related risks. “We provide value added services to the clients. By supervising benefits and bestowing success, we can safely boast of having retained 100 percent of our clients. Clients come back to us since they see tremendous value in our services,” states Sourabh who is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary by profession.

This proves that the company’s approach to consulting has been well received by its clients. With qualitative and analytical approach to nail the business needs, their solutions substantiate utmost value for organizations.Closely collaborating with its clients, Protune customizes its services in consonance with the client’s business needs to achieve desired results. Satej Salvi, who is MBA in Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management further explains, “Our solutions are driven by our experience of working across four continents with best-in-class Fortune 500 companies.We want to bring the same governance standards to medium scale enterprises in India. We strive to build a personal rapport and get engaged with every single client and their business. and go beyond the expected lines to excel in our value delivery. This ensures definite success with all our clients.”

Operating in a niche area, the company in its initial years scrambled to attract seasoned professionals. Its extensive training further aided in building a world class team of talented professionals. Currently, the company has a team of highly skilled and dynamic professionals that includes CAs and MBAs..Protune has its feet well-grounded in wide verticals covering industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Food, Foundry, Packaging, Engineering, Steel, Retail, Paint and Construction etc. Moving ahead, Protune intends to diversify into the financial services sector and continue its focus on medium to large scale enterprises to add value to their services while also not ignoring the start-up wave. Satej says "We have seen lot of start-ups and new businesses seeking our services to build their expansion strategies, we help them in their effort to build world-class organizations." Stressing on its focus Sourabh says,“We are working towards framing solutions to build more efficient organizations. Above all, the company wishes to attract new clients to its ambit, while retaining the previous ones, by providing valuable niche services.”