Pragati Leadership Institute:Building Leaders, Transforming Organizations

CIO Vendor In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations can hardly afford to overlook the importance of developing organizational leadership skills. At the same time, they need to create a culture that ensures more collaboration, improves efficiency, and brings joy among employees. Understanding the role culture plays in ensuring organizational success, Arun Wakhlu, Executive Chairman, and his team founded Pragati Leadership, aiming primarily to help organizations create a more joyful and peaceful culture that leads to increased productivity and creativity. The company provides comprehensive programs on Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation and Developing Collaboration.Headquartered in Pune, Pragati Leadership has spread its wings across the globe with presence across 5 cities in India and 25 countries worldwide.

For the past 25 years, Pragati Leadership’s industry leading programs have helped companies develop leadership skills at every level, which in turn helps them build an efficient organization. The organization has helped clients deal with myriad issues such as misaligned company vision, mission and values, lack of transparency in communication, internal conflicts, lack of commitment from employees, lack of positive energy, gender and socio-economic status issues among others. “These issues affect organizational productivity greatly,” adds Arun.
Pragati Leadership's approach to such problems is to segregate these issues into four separate themes, namely the absence of Context, Connection, Consciousness, and Commitment.

Pragati Leadership’s seasoned consultants have developed the innovative CADDIE model to deal with these challenges. It starts with consultation and analysis of the problem, moving on to design, development and implementation of the solution. And in the last phase, it evolves to provide sustained support for the organization. Arun further explains the approach, “Pragati Leadership’s intervention program follows a structured, yet lively and informal learning atmosphere.The program includes yoga, meditation, open conversations, mind maps, drama, storytelling, case studies, movies, discussions, and group activities that encourage participants to open up to a more collaborative and productive work environment.” Change management is another area that Pragati Leadership focuses on during its training.

Pragati Leadership’s flagship programs such as ‘The Inspiring Facilitator’, a program certified by the International Institution of Facilitation (INIFAC), USA and “iCatalyst” have resulted in long lasting benefits to clients.
Over 25 years ago, little did anyone realize the benefits of yoga and meditation in adding value to businesses. Pragati Leadership has worked hard in bridging that gap and has been using yoga and spirituality to bring people together, help them work better, and melt barriers between departments and teams.
Realizing the benefits, today, even Google offers a program called “Yoglers” to its employees. “We started our company when no one was even aware that such programs could contribute to a company’s profit,” adds Arun. Pragati haswon “Excellence in People Development” and their trademarked offering “Wholesome Leadership Development Process” has also been granted an award at the clients end.

Touching 18 different sectors, Pragati Leadership today works with some of the biggest names in the industry, which include Infosys, IngVysya, Coca Cola, ESSAR, HSBC, ALL scripts, TATA, Nokia, ACC, Novartis, Accenture, J.P.Morgan, BARCLAYS etc. Going forward, Pragati Leadership plans to come up with its own products and provide “iCatalyst” certification programs globally. It also aims to contribute towards society through the Pragati Foundation, a socio-cultural NGO.Arun proudly adds, “Pragati plans to contribute to ethics and public governance, sustainable livelihood through our “Awaken I” project, and also through sharing our knowledge with the government of India.”