Perception Management Consulting: Creating Business Values through Customized Advisory Solutions

CIO Vendor The caliber of management is highly critical for small and medium-sized enterprises. Riddled with limited resources, they must have the capability to swiftly adapt to evolving markets and shifting circumstances. To build a successful business, an entrepreneur should verify genuine needs of the sector which includes business planning and restorative action. While working as a manager in the areas of production, purchase &supplier quality assurance in his early days of profession, Vinod K. Pandita perceived the need to help SMEs to gain a competitive-edge and a sustained business growth to keep pace with the ever-changing market demands. This ideation to serve SMEs came into his mind while he was working and holding a decent position in a corporate sector. Vinod took a bold decision of quitting job after working for 5 years and continued as a freelance management consultant and quality practitioner for almost 8 years. Incorporated in the year 2006, as Perception Business Consulting Solutions, today the company delivers high-end, customized and professional auditing, management consulting and training advisory solutions across various industries with on-board team of 15 professionals and subject matter experts.
Delivering Value Oriented Services
Understanding and purely adopting to the client’s desires, in the year 2010, this industry veteran ventured into the mainstream management consulting sector and paved the way for Perception Management Consulting Pvt Ltd.
“The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were deprived of the best practices and I wanted to add value to them through consulting engagements and establish best practices,to meet requirements of SMEs and help them get ready to compete global procurement demands,” says Vinod, Founder Director & CEO of PMC. The company emerged in the market when the entire corporate sector was skeptical towards management consulting.However, with his strong expertise and experience,Vinod re-engineered the management concepts around quality assurance model. Through its practical and proven methodologies the company prospered and today PMC stands in front of line, transforming visions to strategies and strategies to best practices while empowering performance.

Having successfully delivered and closed 150+ projects in the past more than a decade and half, the firm brings in a highly customized advisory solution to optimize organizational value. By offering service solutions to brush up major existing issues in business firms, PMC provides three core service solutions – Auditing, Consulting and Training.“Our major areas of expertise are Strategy, Standards, Sustainability, Safety and Skills, which are evolved over a decade of relentless consulting service delivery.Under each of these five client service verticals, we have multiple service solutions and offerings as our functional expertise,” Vinod expounds.

Apart from the services, the firm brings in expertise from a wide range of industries in private sector and government in Ministries and public sector institutions, to build capabilities and delivers customized solutions to optimize organizational value.Headquartered in Gurgaon, the firm is serving impressive clientele. “Our services are diversified into various domains, and benefit more than 100 leading and prestigious companies in India, Middle East and North America,” Vinod says proudly.

Furnishing expertise and formulating business growth strategies for more than 50 Indian large and SME clients; the firm is looking forward to extend its footprint across other areas of the global map.Having acquired many professional certifications, National and International awards and other recognitions, PMC is very confident in realizing its vision into reality.

In the future, PMC will be establishing strategic alliance with international companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, Germany, Australia and North America. Further, the firm is focusing to achieve more in terms of value & revenue and will be hitting the chart as INR 25 Cr. companyby 2020.