Moments & Mapping Communications: Creating Effective Marketing Synergy

CIO Vendor Execution of a truly Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program is a daunting task that companies face during their marketing efforts. An IMC program demands dedicated resources and concerted efforts in implementing, coordinating and synchronizing a wide range of activities. Consequently, companies that are looking at marketing their products and services through multiple communication mediums, both online and offline, need to rationalize their marketing efforts. They should look at engaging an IMC consultant who can provide comprehensive solution. In order to help companies device effective marketing solutions and give them the required impetus in their marketing ordeals, Navin Jha, Director, founded Moments &Mapping Communications Pvt. Ltd, a one stop IMC solution provider catering to marketing consultancy and related services.

With a decade long experience in selling marketing support services such as search engine optimization and web page designing services, advertisement space selling in yellow pages, information services, direct mailing services and social media advertising, Navin Jha, a B2B marketing professional, founded the company in August 2014 in Noida, UP.
The company provides services pertaining to the planning process such as evaluating the strategic roles of every communication, and in marketing its products and services. Apart from generating new sales leads for its clients, the company works for brand positioning and value creation for the organization among its target audiences.

Still in its infancy, Moments & Mapping Communications is braving challenges in terms of growth and survival; trying to chalk out right strategies for its future road map. The growing company is working hard to create trust and confidence about their capabilities among its customer.Explaining the challenges, Navin says, “IMC Planning is a time consuming process and we are spending a lot of time and effort in understanding and aligning with our customers’ business model and their marketing requirements”. In order to serve every single vertical of marketing communications, the company has build an in-house creative team to create product brochures, responsive e-mailers, websites and animation based product application videos.

The company strives to provide services pertaining to specialized content for every communication platform. The services are provided in terms of art works, videos, creating communications for public relations, events participation, e-mail, sms campaigns, social media marketing and online reputation management services. During the entire marketing cycle, Moments & Mapping Communications serves as a single point contact for all marketing communication related activities of an organization. The company possesses extensive expertise in online marketing campaigns with contents particularly targeting social media platforms. The organization’s online content in the form of videos, artworks, illustrations and written material has proved quite successful and effective in reaching out to prospective customers. With their services, the company aims to revitalize client’s marketing efforts, have better visibility about their outcomes, provide cost effective and less time consuming services and be more responsible towards success and failure of any campaign. Navin has aggressive growth plans for this financial year. The company is on the lookout for the right opportunity and assignment to finalize its future directions. Looking at the market potentials, the company further intends to fortify its social media expertise, while they build solid footings in events management and media relations.