ImproValue Consulting Services : Amalgamating Business with Value Oriented Solutions

CIO Vendor The unpredictable market space always demands companies to be competitive, agile and more efficient. It’s not smooth sailing for organizations to manage the changing demands. Understanding the requirements of IT and IT enabled companies to learn and adopt the industry best practices to meet their customer needs and achieve the time-to-market advantage, Srivathsa Malavalli along with Thara Srivathsa co-founded, ImproValue Consulting.

Incorporated in 2008, the firm offers Consulting, Productized Solutions and Competency building services in all areas of Delivery and Operational groups to adopt Industry standards and implement continuous improvement initiatives towards workflow and workforce optimization and productivity improvements.With the solid experience of having worked with varied countries, culture and domains, the firm equips clients to address market challenges and objective decision making. With industry veterans on their board as senior consultants, ImproValue has been delivering the package of value-oriented services to its clients since its inception.

“New-age IT service and product organizations started coming up (usually referred to as Tier-2 and Tier-3 organizations) and to compete they needed to scale-up fast and demonstrate process & delivery capabilities real quick to gain the market share,” explains Srivathsa Malavalli, Co-Founder & Director, Improvalue Consulting.
Initially, the firm stepped into the sector by building an array of services which were backed by relevant industry experience.Venturing into the space the founders soon realized the need fora talented and skilled firm that helps clients to adopt quickly yet with affordable cost.According to Thara Srivathsa, building customer confidence was a real challenge in the beginning. The firm crossed the barrier by starting along with a multi-national organization with known references.“Further, the coverage spanned making our presence felt at various forums, cross-selling the ideas and opportunities across domains, meeting several potential clients explaining what value we can add, distributing the marketing brochures, slide-decks and how they can utilize our services,” Srivathsa expounds.

The firm’s unique proposition in business excellence is iCOPS kit (ImproValue comprehensive process solution), a productized customizable process kit, which brings down the process development and deployment schedule by 30 to 40per cent.iCOPS comprises of ready-to-adopt integrated processes and guidelines that comply to multiple industry standards and methodologies like ISO, ISMS, CMMI, AGILE, LEAN, SIX-SIGMA and KANBAN.

iCOPS has been successfully customized and implemented for the client organizations and externally certified as well. ImproValue has its stint in statistical modelling data-analytics space too. “Our productized solution called “ImproValue Resource Estimation Model” (iREM) helps predominantly in back-office set-up to arrive at optimal resource capacity, shift-rosters and request arrival forecast from Customers,” says Srivathsa.

Improvalue in the last six plus years has worked with Indian majors, Public Sector organization, Multi-nationals, Small to Medium Enterprises as well as Start-ups spanning product development, IT Application maintenance, Voice and Non-Voice Service desk, Supply chain, Infrastructure, Human Resource Management and Training groups.Within the next three years, the Bangalore based company is planning to expand its operational excellence to overseas by offerings in other domains such as retail, insurance. Further, the company wants to join hands with recognized universities, academic institutes to contribute knowledge, with a focus on education sector and future entrepreneurs.