Ideaction Business Consultants : Implementing Solutions and Transforming Ideas into Action

CIO Vendor In today’s competitive business environment, most of the organizations are looking for meaningful strategies to cut overhead expenses. At the same time, they need to find ways to implement these strategies to boost productivity and return on assets. As organizations strive to manage the growth graph, the issues that face them are not limited to strategy reformulation, but are more critically based on cutting-edge implementation. While most of the consulting firms limited their focus on advisory strategies, Sanjay Sharma realized the need for a firm that focuses not only on advisory but also on implementation. To provide organizations with comprehensive ideas, Sanjay along with Vijay Malla and Nitin Khedkar started Ideaction Business Consultants. “Typically, consultancy services offer strategic or structural advice. Most organizations who welcome transition need that strategic advice but more importantly– they need implementation or, at the very least, guidance in implementation of the suggested strategy,” explains Sanjay Sharma, Founder, Ideaction Business Consultants. Incorporated in the year 2009, the firm offers strategy review, development and advisory services in business & marketing strategy, sales & distribution, logistics & inventory management, taxation, and organization structures.
The firm ventured into the competitive market with a series of services focusing equally on implementation and proposed advisory stagey. Over the past years Ideaction has successfully simplified the puzzle to cover every segment in the market.“We offer services to a range of organizations - from global enterprises to Indian, large to mid-sized, publicly held or privately owned. We share accountability for delivering results across the P&L,” says Sanjay.Unlike other players in the industry, Ideaction works along with the board of directors, corporate management and operating teams and applies acquired competencies in strategy formulation, increasing revenues/growth rates and in managing costs.

Apart from helping organizations to build their functions, the firm also functions as a pathway for overseas organizations to establish their business in India. “We also offer India entry and partnership services for global organizations which are eager to establish a presence in India, especially those that do not want to put up large upfront investments and committed local organizations till critical mass is reached,” Sanjay expounds.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the organization brings inexperience and expertise on the table across various sectors, which includes general management, marketing, sale & distribution, customer &merchant acquisition, training, logistics, budgeting, business planning and inventory management.According to Sanjay, organizations want ideas and solutions which are not limited to advisory level. Understanding this, the firm carves the niche by executing recommendations into implementations and stands much ahead of others with unique approach to the client’s problems. More importantly, Ideaction focuses on delivering distinctive services to clients by amalgamating extensive experiences with expertise. “Our services are agnostic to the stage of a company’s evolution or its size. We currently serve clients ranging from start-ups, MSME’s to large, established businesses,” says Sanjay. With proven success and delivery models, today, the firm offers its services to a clientele which includes names such as Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd, Recon Oil Industries, ISMT Ltd, Yash Birla Group among others.

In future the firm wants to venture deeper into the management consulting by establishing solid partnerships with their clients. In addition, within a short span of time the firm will also be expanding in terms of head count. Along with that, the firm will be focused on helping and supporting international entrepreneurs to establish their business in India.