Kgguruji Consulting & Services: Amalgamating Business Insight, Operational Innovation and Industry B

CIO Vendor The aspiring Indian economy went through a financial meltdown in the year 2008, roughly derailing growth. The impact may not have been long lasting, but the revival triggered a demand for facilitating the industry to become more competitive and to help clients manage future growth. This has been the single minded focus of Ketan R Gandhi, President & CEO of KgGuruji Consulting & Services, a provider of diagnostic studies through business audits, management consulting, training and sales process outsourcing services.“When we started the company in July 2008, new investment across the industry was hit hard due to the global economic slowdown.The huge gap in terms of management skills and competency remained a major concern needing a serious reconsideration, more so by the reluctant Indian managers,” explains Ketan. Overcoming the hard times with a firm determination, KgGuruji Consulting & Services today oversees strategy and planning under its core practices to improve client's competitiveness and business’s performance.The company’s tailored approach and solutions articulates strategy, innovation, change and leadership development allowing a solid platform for business owners and managers to develop successful organizations.
In today’s business environment, a winning business model is among the many definitive things expected from management consultancies.
With two decades of hands-on experience behind, KgGuruji combines a fine range of consulting services focused on revamping short term goals on one hand and providing affirmative long term actions on the other.Ketan says, “We want to provide solutions encouraging our clients to revisit all their business aspects which were thought of 20 -30 years back and build future on ideas crafted for the future.”The company’s objective about being solution centric has pulled off striking results. The earlier product and technology centric companies have made the shift and are now well noted in the market as solutions and client centric companies. This constant endeavor has helped encompass a wide range of solutions such as management Consulting, Training and management development, Sales process outsourcing and the unique Management research, case study and book publication.In training, the company delivers custom designed highly engaging learning workshops to improve employee performance & enhance skills. Ketan also speaks how associating with business schools to design & deliver courses using case method and faculty development programs have presented deeper insights about the different industry sectors, challenges & solutions across the globe.

The sales process outsourcing arrangement helps Indian & International companies to quickly establish themselves in the foreign market & Asian market respectively, without any fixed cost. These companies could reach out to targeted potential customer which saves their valuable resource time & improve response time. In the management research, it analyzes industry problems, document handling of those situations by leaders as case study & present solutions at a minimal cost.This is the type of root cause analysis that can offer a comprehensive understanding of change in industry environment, customer & stakeholders. With a presence in over ten countries, CRISIL rated KgGuruji counts Vinci Energies (Fortune 500 company), DEIF, KK-electronics, Europe, Juhl Energy, USA, Honeywell Automation, India among others as their clients.The company is gearing up to apply its consulting expertise across sectors and is keen to implement solutions that help clients achieve sustainable growth & competitiveness.