Dishah Strategic Solutions: Empowering SMBs with Strategic Consulting Solutions for Business Growth

CIO Vendor Today, every industry presents SMBs with the scope to find their own method of operation and benefit in the process. This has resulted in a marketplace where business implementation strategies with a differentiating factor have become as important as ever.Hence, designing a business concept for these enterprises also needs to be nothing short of competitive. With an uncompromising objective of helping SMBs aim for growth and higher market share, Dishah Strategic Solutions has created services as custom value packs that offer strategic consulting services to SMBs.Founded in 2014, the company provides value added strategic and tactical consulting services in the domain of Marketing and Sales, Customer Relation Management, Business Process Management, Organization Change Management and Competency Management.

Dishah plays a pivotal role in helping SMBs engage better to resurrect marketing capabilities, enhance customer experience, and to bring in repeat business. Amit Sharma, CEO of Dishah says, “Our clients are small medium businesses. So, to gain a quick ground or quick share in the market it is essential for us to equip them with the right strategies and resources which would add to their overall business development.”
Amit and his founding team identified that the market has several solutions that were aimed at large enterprises alone. These big enterprises were revamping their products whereas SMBs were reusing the same products without putting them through any stricter improvement techniques. The founding team aimed at eradicating this loophole in the SMB segment and in many cases extended its strategic consulting services to great business success.

The company has built a roster of services which includes Marketing, Sales &Customer Relation, Market Penetration, Market/Product Development and Diversification. Dishah also helps organization with customer loyalty and growth services.The company undertook a holistic view of marketing & sales, completely transforming client’s sales organization by boosting growth, reducing cost and building best-in-class capabilities.

In addition to it, the company also offers services related to Business Process Management, Organization Change Management and Competency Management Services. Having earlier started witha primary focus on the SMB segment, exporting IT products and services to international markets;IT process optimization is another of its important frameworks.In terms of process optimization, Dishah strived to bring back customer value realization in making clients strategize and optimize service operations that are tailored to the needs of key customer segments. Amit adds, “We cannot back out by only handing over the solutions. We make sure that sustainability and further growth is there for the business.”

With a growing number of satisfied clients across the SMB industry, the management consulting firm has clearly become a trusted consulting destination. Over the years, the organization has grown to meticulously address critical challenges and provide international standard of services at an affordable price.The company has best delivered in situations when the time frame is limited and the work load is extreme. Owing to this, Dishah has earned a resounding market acceptance in almost all areas of expertise. The company is venturing into the B2C market space and other verticals such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and retail as well.“Dishah will continue to harness opportunities to createa platform for the business growth and profitability of SMBs,” concludes Amit.