Corem Sales Consulting: Empowering the CORE, Honing Sales Leadership among IT Startup & Growing Comp

CIO Vendor Sales consulting have gained a greater significance over the last decade due to the quantum of business activity. Right strategies revolving around resource optimization is of paramount importance for sales maximization. Organizations, especially IT startups, are now inclining heavily towards specialized intel and know how in the field.

Rajneesh Jain, with his vital experience in various sales profiles in leading companies, envisaged providing that knowhow when he founded Corem Sales Consulting in 2013. He felt the need to change the approach of the IT companies towards the aspect of sales and enhance the skills of the personnel, which go behind making an organization truly sales-oriented.

The four core areas in sales, according to Rajneesh, are Knowledge, Skills, Tools and Mindset, and he started out with the endeavor of empowering these core essentials. After incepting Corem, Rajneesh initially approached B-schools and growing system integrators with fresh recruits in sales. But to his astonishment, a career in sales or the skills attached to it weren’t deemed essential by either the companies or the candidates.
“Professional skill building in sales is direly lacking and, initially, it presented a precarious potential-cum-challenge. We were not happy with the results. That’s when I turned my focus solely to Sales consulting. Ever since, the brand creation has been simpler and clients are lining up for our services,” Rajneesh explains.

Corem’s services revolve around Business & Sales in IT start-up and growing companies. The solutions include helping in the process of building business and clientele, ascertaining the right approach towards sales optimization, and, market analysis , re-evaluation of current business model, and restructure to be effective in changed business environment,.

Another vital service that the organization provides is building leadership with an eye for maximizing sales. “We don’t hold public workshops anymore. Our focus is, now, firmly on client-oriented services. The list of solutions & services we provide are focused at sales maximization and leadership development. We do hold workshops for clients if they ask for it,” adds Rajneesh.

Corem is competing in a narrow market, and yet what make them one of a kind are the philosophy and the approach. And, the services are not limited to reports and discussions. In order to make it sustainable, Corem stays involved in the implementation process for a period of time. Moreover, the company is trying to reach out to as many clients as possible by keeping their services prompt and cost-efficient. Some of the clients the company has already worked with are Secured Network System, Crowd soft, Skylark IT and Vital Labs. Rajneesh has also been highly appreciated on multiple forums for his credibility in the field of training and consulting.

Corem is presently based out of Chennai, but its footprints are starting to reach out. More client requests are pouring in from various parts of the country and abroad. “Geographical expansion is one of the points on our agenda, but a far more important and immediate objective is to generate awareness in B-schools and start-up companies. Building a platform which is mutually beneficial for us and the market is what we’re focusing on. We are also working on an online portal and contents for sales professionals,” Rajneesh concludes.