Clearwater Consulting- Offering Clear, Simple, Effective Ideas for Sustainable Brand & Business Deve

CIO Vendor In a competitive market, organizations often need to look at ways to improve their performance on a regular basis. Such improvement measures come from a thorough analysis of their existing problems and thereby developing an effective operational, strategic as well as marketing plan. General management consulting firms play a unique role during such exercises, providing strategic insights into the problems and coming up with workable business solutions.

Organizations, therefore, employ consultants to look at their problems objectively and assist them in business planning, decision-making, problem solving and developing working systems & processes that primarily focus on the specific business needs. Anticipating the huge demand for seasoned consultants who are well versed in their domain, Saurabh Shroff founded Clearwater Consulting, a management consulting and business solutions company, in the year 2009. Leveraging his 15 years of experience in marketing and business development, across varied business sectors and geographies, Saurabh built an organization that stays true to its name.

Clearwater provides its clients clear, simple and yet effective solutions for their businesses.
Headquartered in Mumbai, the company provides a wide range of services right from the strategic and advisory services to executing the plans.

The company goes out of its way to provide hands-on execution level support, and device business management strategies. n the marketing front, it provides product branding services, targeting appropriate audiences and markets. Clearwater also works with start-ups and young entrepreneurs, guiding them on business management, growth plans and fund raising.

Saurabh Shroff, Principal Consultant at Clearwater Consulting, explains, “After deeply analyzing the problems businesses face, we come up with marketing strategies and business development solutions. But in most cases, we have to broaden the scope of our services, including human resource management to fixing operational inefficiencies.”

The ‘Recommend and review’ approach followed by the company is specifically oriented towards action plans and tasks, keeping primary focus on the end goal. “Our approach helps our clients align themselves to a systematic way of working and gives them an edge over their competitors,’ adds Saurabh.

Being a general management consulting firm, the company often walks the extra miles and takes responsibility in solving challenges faced by its clients.In order to explain the exact outcome and the resultant solution, the company has developed a unique system of KPIs, which helped them to gain momentum by crossing the initial threshold. By demonstrating quantifiable results and assessing immeasurable outcomes, Clearwater has won the confidence of its clients.

In its list of clients, Clearwater counts from one of the largest precious stones company in the world to the world's largest sports hydration gear company and Europe's largest cable manufacturing company. Clearwater Consulting believes in developing long lasting relations when working with its clients. Saurabh concluded by saying, “Today, Clearwater Consulting is not just a consulting firm, but is also a business partner. We are investing our resources in diverse sectors: real estate, hospitality, mobile apps and online retailing.”