Chennai Consulting Group (CCG): Enhancing Organizational Competence with Market Research & Business

CIO Vendor Markets thrive on trends and companies cash on them by employing the appropriate strategies. Research plays a vital role in ascertaining the market vibe by reading the pulse of manufacturer-supplier-consumer chain. Therefore, market research and business consultancies play a crucial part in providing market insights and knowhow to organizations, helping them discover the strategies best suited for their goals. Chennai Consulting Group (CCG) entered this space in 2010 with the aim of championing solutions related to Market research, strategic advisory & implementation, training, especially for the MSME, NGO sectors and start ups. Prof. Anand Jagadeesan, Founder & Managing Partner, CCG, has since witnessed the evolution of the company.

CCG’s consultants belong to different industry spheres, allowing their diverse expertise to come in handy for MSMEs. MSMEs generate the lion share of employment in the country and yet, the sector faces a dearth of consulting attention and interest. This is an anomaly that CCG wanted to address, aam aadmi. Initially, challenges were paramount. From being a brand trying to find a foothold in the market, to the common practise of MSMEs, which are mostly family-run businesses, not seeking third-party consultation, CCG faced some adversities in the beginning.
But, with changing perceptions, they are now getting more and more new-age MSME entrepreneurs approaching them for advisory roles.“MSMEs are quite obviously growing organizations, and as times have changed, they are now getting inclined towards expert opinions and advices.

The basic idea is to grow further, and, in that quest, formulate the right strategies to optimise the possibilities. We, at CCG, are pathfinders for our clients, whether they’re steadily growing or stagnated. We have as customized and personalised solutions for our clients,” Anand says.

Some of the critical services which CCG provides to a cross-section of industries are primary & secondary Market Research, preparing Business Plans & Bankable Project Reports to raise funds, Preparation of standard operating procedure manuals to create system, process & procedures in order to get ISO certifications for ISO certifications, listing process among SME Exchange for IPO generation, providing SME ratings, Auditing, Strategic consulting and Corporate Training.

CCG has so far worked with more than 100 clients in the last 5 years across the globe, India to Canada, US to Australia, Middle East to South-East Asia, and their impressive list of clientele includes Square Network Solutions, Triad Infotech, Amararaja Batteries, Mathura Foods, i grid consulting, Middle East, LV Prasad Group, Nippo Batteries, JK Cements, HiFi Kids Corporation, US, Globa Study, UK, Claire Caesar Consulting, Australia, Turnkey Medical, Canada, and Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre among others. “What has made us stand out against our competition is our philosophy of working for and with the masses.

At CCG, our mantra is to work for companies of all sizes and spheres. Hence, our goodwill has got us repeat business, and our clients are very happy with the association. Our growth and the milestones we have achieved bear testimony to our integrity and work ethic,” Anand adds.

Geographical expansion is in the anvil for CCG, and further diversification of services is another area Anand and his team is looking into. “We already have clients from around the world. But, we have been operating completely from India. In the next few years we want to set up offices in US and Middle East to further our footprint. And, we also want to venture into R&D by joining hands with MSMEs in times to come,” Anand signs off.