Canopus Business Management Group: Providing Future Fit Solutions to the Industry

CIO Vendor The economy stands at a crucial juncture now and constant endeavour for excellence and accuracy has come to be more pivotal than ever before. The goal now is to focus on industry needs with a futuristic perspective, in order to foresee the norms of tomorrow. Canopus Business Management Group (CBMG) is a business services firm that focuses on strategy implementation & business transformation to make them future fit, and it is this approach that has brought them a fair amount of success already.

Incepted in 2009, by the MIT-educated Nilakanta srinivasan Janakiraman(Neil), CBMG started operations in Chennai, with the vision of bringing something fresh to the consulting space.Neil, who has worked for and with several premier names in the Banking and Manufacturing segments, realised that a number of organizations were lagging behind due to poor execution of erstwhile decent strategies.

He wanted to address the lack of synchronization within the industry by efficient strategy planning and systematic strategy implementation. But, starting out had its own set of challenges, as is the case with any start-up company. Initially, it was difficult to convince organizations that the flaw laid in execution of strategies, and not necessarily in the strategies themselves is a bottleneck for their growth. But once they started garnering trust, the path became smoother.

When it comes to strategy implementation, lack of ownership and accountability, non-synchronized effort between leaders, inability to prioritize and divert resources to strategically important areas, course corrections, on-going governance, using fact based approaches for decision making top the list of client concerns.
The three broad sets of sector agnostic services offered by CBMG are Business Model Innovation, Strategy Cascading and Strategy Implementation Services.

Our ability to bring about real change in client's situation; establishing peer-relationship and personal rapport with the clients make us front runners

They include challenging the existing business model, defining apt goals, strategies and cascading them through robust policy deployment framework, and stewarding the implementation of strategic initiatives on an on-going basis.

CBMG uses approaches such as Hoshin Kanri, Blue Ocean Strategy, Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, Behavioural Economics and a variety of engagement models such as on-site/off-site, assessments, e-learning, execution skills coaching, etc. Though, in a saturated market, like ours, which is growing rapidly, how does CBMG holds its own? Neil answers, “We are mindful of the fact that it’s a competitive market and hence, it’s very important to create a niche, a legacy on the way.

I believe our ability to bring about real change in client’s situation; establishing peer-relationship and personal rapport with the clients make us frontrunners. We dirty our hands rather than merely advising.

Thus we provide disproportionate value, at least 10 times more than what the client pays for.The journey so far has been encouraging as the company has showed a progressive rate of growth. But Neil doesn’t want to rest on the laurels. Instead, he has grand plans for CBMG.

“We have ambitious plans and strong vision, not just commercially, but also in creating a legacy which has a farfetched impact and will be difficult to emulate. We want to make our clients future fit and ready them for what the tomorrow has in store. We harbour desires of expanding our footprints, ideally to emerging markets abroad. I firmly believe that with our philosophy, success is bound to follow,” Neil concludes.