Big Strategic Management Consultants: Strategy Consulting to Business Success

CIO Vendor Proper focus and guidance throughout business process has always been crucial for enterprises to succeed. Organizations often fall back upon the valuable guidance imparted by industry experts or subject matter experts (SME). They help organizations identify and collect business critical information to build explicit roadmaps. Such roadmaps are the key to achieve desired targets in today’s competitive marketplace. With their knowledge and experience SMEs can bring in stark growth for organizations with their valuable guidance. However, small and medium sized organizations almost always find SMEs inaccessible. Understanding this huge gap, Makarand Patil, along with his wife, founded BIG Business Advisors Pvt. Ltd, a with the sole motto of providing SME services to companies.
Since its inception in 2008, the company has been providing SME services to enterprises, catering to both domestic and international markets. Big Startegic Consulting provides an array of services which includes strategy consulting, human consulting, financial consulting, consumer research and valuation studies. The company initially started with their predominant service which is complete business planning for companies and entrepreneurs. In addition, the company provides services related to fund raising for companies by approaching private investors, private equity firms, financial institutions, both in debt and equity.
And, lastly, the company helps enterprises build their strategy on product branding and marketing, and on organizational restructuring and the financial process.During its initial days, Big Strategic Consulting identified that several businesses were affected by the 2008 recession.

The company provided guidance on cost cutting and business process restructuring to such organizations. The company leveraged heavily on Makarand’s past experiences of working with Tata Strategic Management Group and British Consulting, and helped organizations realize their business targets.Over the years, the company has built itself into a well-structured organization, and hired a pool of retired employees- having 30 years of experience-from Tata consulting,Tata power and Tata management group.

Currently, the company has 5 offices across the globe in Dubai, India, Spain, Ghana and Singapore along with a total manpower of 30 employees. Makarand says, “In the last 7 years, Big Strategic Consulting has firmly established itself with its clients and has built its own brand. Now we have a very good cliental base to bank upon.”

Big Strategic Consulting’s hand holding support by following its unique C-to-C i.e. concept to commission model, helps clients to receive full-fledged consulting support. The company helps clients right from preparing the draft to market analysis, competition analysis, location study, financial structuring, raising finance either from private firm, private equity or the financial institutions.

Later, the technical consultants in the company help in setting up the entire plant. Stressing on their ideology of process, Makarand says, “We provide the entire road map to the company, and this is our unique and niche strength.”

Big Strategic Consulting has evolved to become one of the key players in their industry over the years. Among its clients are Maharashtra and Abu-Dhabi government, Associate, Medc, and many more. Currently, the company is focusing on investment banking, building expertise on industrial funding to help SMEs, and venturing into renewable energy space and event management. Makarand concludes by saying, “Our biggest satisfaction is the success of our clients, who implement our recommendations. In their success, we find our success.”