KromaspectsSciTec Solutions: Alleviating Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

CIO Vendor The pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing a phenomenal growth in recent years in terms of infrastructural development, technological basis and the wide range of products being manufactured. At the same time, to be competent in the market, the industry is leaning towards training and consulting practitioners to handle and deliver reliable and accurate results.Hence, to educate and support the users in the certified and regulated industries which mandatorily require all aspects related to Quality systems, KromaspectsSciTec Solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into existence. The founders of Kromaspects founded the firm in 2002 to provide quality training for the pharmaceutical professionals in the QCKI’s, which include laboratory and quality systems base.

A KromaspectsSciTec solutions (initially Kromaspects Bio-Analysis solutions) was established to address the growing need of training in the field of Analytical Instrumentation for the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry. The team realized that it was not just training but many smaller companies also require that kind of consulting support in terms of a system implementation and understanding regulatory guidelines. To bridge the gap in terms of the understanding and skills that are required for a Pharma lab, Kromaspects worked on various assignments as part of the training activity.The firm commits to meet the challenges of its clients and make sure that the understanding is increased along with an up gradationof technical applications and skills.

KromaspectsSciTec Solutions has customized its services predominately for the pharmaceutical industry. The firm provisions its services with quality system support for training and skill development, validation support and Gap assessments in the technical areas of laboratory and analytical quality assurance.

As a validation expert, Kromaspects ensures that the clients methods, equipments/ Instruments, Computerized systems or software's are validated as per the pharmaceutical guidelines and requirements

As a validation expert, Kromaspects ensures that the clients Methods, equipment/Instruments, Computerized systems or software are validated as per the pharmaceutical guidelines and requirements. “We provide supporting method development as one of the services related to method validation, equipment qualification and computerized system validation,” says Vanishree M.D, KromaspectsSciTec Solutions. The organization has extended its services beyond the pharmaceutical industry to other life science sectors such as food, chemical companies, medical devices which are looking at upgrading them selves to improve their quality systems. “We have also included finger print analysis, hand writing analysis and various other tools in the training consultancy which help in understanding the personality and identifying the strengths of the personnel. This also supports in having the “The right person for the right Job role” and improves productivity and efficiency of the trained professionals.” says Vanishree.

The Bangalore based Kromaspects has worked and interacted with several international customers and consultants to help and reach the global expectations by innovating the way of working. The firm has prioritized to work with customers by implementing innovative methodology, and focus on ensuring to strengthen the area of Quality work in the Pharma industry.

Kromaspects aims to expand on different approaches to inspiring skill development services and innovating product development and manufacturing in the next one or two years to support clients in all-round or a holistic manner towards user-friendly and sustainable quality systems. In the future, Kromaspects is also keen in launching its product “CALTAG”, an electronic device, innovated to support tracking the calibrations. The firm desires to grow in the training and product development sector, acquire customers and reach out to few major Pharma companies and their vendors to solve the challenges faced by its clients.